14 More of the Best Comedy Nights In America Picked By Comedians All Over the Continent

Patrick Hastie, along with fellow comedian Gideon Hambright, hosts the popular show JACKKNIFE COMEDY which has its FOUR YEAR ANNIVERSARY Saturday June 2nd at 8pm at The Creek and The Cave in Long Island City, NYC! The show is going to be really special and has a great lineup featuring Janeane Garofalo (Wet Hot American Summer), Mike Drucker (Full Frontal With Samantha Bee), Alison Leiby (The Opposition With Jordan Klepper), Kwasi Mensah (SF Sketchfest) and more!  If you are in the NYC area you should totally come because it is gonna fucking rule!

14 MORE Of The Best Comedy Nights In America (And Two In Canada)!

Hello, my name is Patrick and I’m a stand up comedian based out of Brooklyn, New York. I love comedy and I love comedy shows. Especially really good comedy shows.

Two years ago I wrote an article for The Interrobang called “Wanna See The Best Comedy Nights in America!?” where I asked a bunch of my favorite comedians from all around the country (like Nick VatterottMichelle BiloonMary Mack and Ryan Solomon) to tell me about their favorite comedy shows. It was rad and people liked it. So then last year, I wrote another article called “EVEN MORE Of The Best Comedy Nights In America”, where I asked a bunch more of my favorite comedians (like Myq Kaplan, Rob Haze, Janelle James and Samantha Ruddy) to tell me about their favorite comedy shows.

Both of these articles featured lots of great shows in lots of great cities like Seattle, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Atlanta, Des Moines, St. Louis, Houston, Oakland, Phoenix and Kansas City. Over the past two years I’ve received such a positive reaction, from both comedians and comedy fans, over the articles, that I decided to write another one!

So once again I asked a bunch more of my favorite comedians from all around the country (and Canada) to tell me about their favorite comedy shows. If you live in one of these places, or if you’re visiting, make sure to check out these comedy shows, check out these comedians, and never stop supporting cool people doing cool stuff!


Kate Willett (@katewillett)
New York City

VINTAGE BASEMENT WITH MAX AND NICKY is a perfect comedy night out. It’s a stand up show with a variety show feel. Hosts Max and Nicky, twin brothers with comedy and music chops, open and close each show with vaudeville style bits and some legitimately good singing. The venue, Under St. Mark’s, is an intimate theater that’s perfect for comics to do longer or more experimental material without having to fight a rowdy crowd at a bar show. The lineup is usually about 5 comics, shorter than the average New York showcase, so you get a little more time with each fantastic performer. The show includes plenty of well known comics, like Judah Friedlander and Todd Barry, but it’s also a who’s who of up and coming comics that’ll be household names in a few years, like Sam Jay, Emma Willmann, and Matteo Lane. This is one of those shows that makes you glad you live in New York, a city which despite the fact that you pay too much rent and everything smells like pee, you can see some of the best performances in the country for under $10.

Jessica Michelle Singleton (@JMScomedy)
Los Angeles

One of my absolute favorite shows in the Los Angeles area is VENICE UNDERGROUND. It’s in the basement at Townhouse on the west side (…in Venice, obviously.) It’s run by Bronston Jones and Matt Devlin. Venice Underground is one of the longest running independent shows in Los Angeles and it still attracts a packed house every week, with lineups that are ridiculous. All the funniest comedians from around the world pop in when they’re in town on a Wednesday. The room is windowless with a low ceiling, perfectly set up for comedy. It honestly reminds me of some of my favorite rooms in New York City. The audience is always filled with fun west side locals who love to laugh and are always out to have a good time. And this is from me, a comedian who is vocal about her hatred for having to drive all the way to that side of town.

Reena Calm (@ReenaCalm)

For 5 years the LATE LATE BREAKFAST crew has been honestly reinventing comedy every month at their one of a kind gameshow/mic. Created by silly geniuses Tyler Jackson and Danny Maupin and superproducer Liz Maupin, this show is like no other and each one is full of surprises for the audience AND the performers. This is stand up comedy on its toes, and in a morph suit, and full of Dunkin’ Donuts hash browns, and leading a conga line, and SO much more. Plus there’s free pancakes!! I’ve had some of the very best times of my comedy life at their shows, plus they’re a daytime event. LOVE that. They’ve made an amazing pilot, brightened up so many fests and are truly doing something unique both on stage and with their show schedule. You can see them quarterly in LA at the Silverlake Lounge, in NYC at The Creek and The Cave hosted by the always so fun and hilarious Tom Thakkar and Tommy McNamara), and their home base which will always be one of the all time greatest venues in Chicago, The Hideout. It’s the MOST fun, every time.

Alex English (@Alex3nglish)

If I had to direct both comedy fans AS WELL AS comedians to any city it would be Miami, Florida. I know the news will have the word “Florida” forcing individuals to blink twice, but when I say that Miami’s comedy scene is one of the coolest I’ve ever encountered, I mean it!! I am no shape, form, or conceivable fashion the kind of guy who plans things ahead of time. That said, I’m also completely understanding when a show producer cannot donate to me six minutes of their prestigious bar show (read: I say six, but what I really mean is “LET ME RUN MY TIGHT FIVE, THAT GOES INTO A LONGER SET, BECAUSE I WANNA BE GREAT). However, NOT THE CASE IN MIAMI! Event spaces like YO SPACE GALLERY will have you (the comedian) walking away feeling like more royalty than a Markle (but only if you’re good!!). Quite similarly, both the performers AND patrons of the VILLIAN THEATER in Little Haiti are so supportive that it will at some point have you saying “wait, is that FUTURE painted on the wall of this building?” Seriously. Of all the dope artwork they have tattooed on the walls, I managed to come up with a theory that there is indeed an artist IN MIAMI celebrating a trap music staple from ATLANTA, by including them in a mural, presenting on the side of local performing arts theater. Villian does a (packed out) UCB/”ASSSSSCAT”-style monologue/improv show that makes you feel right at home from start to finish.“Right at home,” is where you’ll also feel at the Bay Club. Their comedy night is ran by my new friend Alex Morizio. I mean, talk about luxury. I don’t know what was more heavy-handed, the surrounding wealth or the bartender. But I must say, it was the best way to spend my last night there. Comedy fans in Miami are sitting in warm weather, incredibly laid back, half-naked, and ready to laugh–mainly because they’re half-naked in warm weather. In fact, I’d say the comedy and it’s audiences in Miami is so good, that it’ll have you (the comedian) forgetting all about that gay married couple you made out with at “Club Boi” the night before–WAIT, WHAT?

Katie-Ellen Humphries (@MsKatieEllen)

There are so many things I love about the Vancouver comedy scene and so many great shows here, but my favourite is THE LAUGH GALLERY hosted by gift of a human Graham Clark. Every week Graham puts on a Master Class in hosting and even if the show didn’t feature great comics –which it does, it would still be one of the funniest shows around based on Graham alone. For $5 audiences are treated to a tight show with a great mix of excellent acts and the chance to win an array of incredible prizes, curated by Graham, that might include anything from a Michael Jackson doll to an equestrian-themed romance novel or anything in between. Laugh Gallery currently happens every Monday night at 9pm in the theatre at Havana Restaurant.

Kenice Mobley (@kenicemobley)

THE GAS at Great Scott is my favorite show in Boston. Every Friday, host Rob Crean hosts some of the city’s best comedians and new performers developing their acts. Over the decade the show has been running, it’s become a standard hangout for the Boston comedy scene, so if you go, you’ll always see friends. Cheap drinks plus a great location right off the train means there usually a crowd, and the lineups are diverse demographically and comedically. The show is well known enough that national acts regularly headline so for $5, it’s a solid bet!

Dante Powell (@DantePowell)

I think over the past year one of my favorite shows was DRAFTS AND LAUGHS at Memphis Made Brewery. Hosts Mark Brimble and William Lynn Loden start the show out with a fun “guess who” style trivia game about the performers. They do a wonderful job putting asses in seats, and fill in a nice sized room with a fun attentive audience. There was a hot dog stand there when I did the show, which made it cool, despite the fact that I just ate good ass barbecue after.


Albert Kirchner (@albertchairman)

EPIC COMEDY HOUR in Huntsville, Alabama is a damn national treasure. The show, produced by the hilarious Scott Eason, resides in a large theater nestled inside of a multi-warehouse artist complex. It’s always packed with an intelligent, patient and wildly generous crowd. Also, all of the shows are recorded and make for a great tape. If you’re going through the south you just have to make a stop in Huntsville.

Harris Alterman (@HarrisAlterman)

Denver comedy is cool beans. My favorite show right now is GUEST LIST run by Ben Bryant. It’s in a black box theater, it’s always a full audience, and Ben does a good job of having out of town comedians on the show so you always get to see something new. They also show sketch videos from time to time and have people do characters which makes it different from your typical stand-up show. Plus there are cheap beers. If you’re ever in Denver definitely check it out. And if you have no plans to come to Denver, buy a plane ticket right now and get here for this show. It’s tight.


Nour Hadidi (@NourHadidi)

My favorite show in Toronto is called THE CRIMSON WAVE and it runs at the best comedy venue in the city: Comedy Bar! Hosted by Natalie Norman and Jess Beaulieu, the show features a line up of the city’s pros but also gives a space for up and comers to work on their acts. Natalie and Jess also turn the show into showcases for big festivals like Just for Laughs and give comics a chance to showcase for bookers. The show is feminist and LGBTQ+ and it will be the night of your life. I also want to give a shout out to my second favorite venue in the city: the underground comedy club on queen.

Emily Winter (@EmilyMcWinter)
Eau Claire

If you’re anywhere but Eau Claire, Wisconsin, you’re in the wrong town, Buster Brown. That’s because Eau Claire is home to CLEAR WATER COMEDY, a weekly Thursday show that’s featured a roster of legends: Kyle Kinane, Aparna Nancherla, Josh Gondelman, Mary Mack, Tim Harmston, Rory Scovel, Joe Mande, and more. The place is THE PLUS, a no-frills, 250-person capacity pizza joint and bar where people are happy to fork over five bucks for a hot show. Produced by Cullen Ryan and Jordan Duroe with help from Mackenzie Bublitz, Ryan Kahl and sometimes others, Clear Water Comedy pays well in beer, in camaraderie, and in actual American currency, and should be a stop on any Midwest tour. Oh, and have I mentioned that The Plus has FRIED CHEESE CURDS?! You must eat them. They’re so beautiful.

Rohan Padhye (@iamrohancoolguy)

Boston is an incredible comedy town, and with so many amazing shows it’s hard for me to really pick a favorite. THE MENDOZA LINE at The Dugout Cafe every Saturday Night at 8pm is a real stand out for me. It showcases the best comedians Boston has to offer and also some amazing out of town comics. If you’re going to Boston for the weekend I would definitely check it out. Also, keep an eye out for the re-opening of the Comedy Studio–my favorite club in the entire world– at Bow Market in Union Square.

Hayden Kristal (@HaydenKristal)

One of my favorite shows is FREE KITTENS in Chattanooga, TN. The show takes place weekly at JJ’s Bohemia, a surprisingly punk-rock music venue in the heart of downtown Chattanooga. It’s an evening of spectacular organized chaos, not unlike a controlled burn in a fireworks warehouse; my night there included an excellent line up of out-of-town comics, a lightning round of comedians doing their best one-minute bits, and one of the hosts pouring a full can of LaCroix on himself on stage. The co-hosts Ben Dalby and Ryan Darling are relentlessly funny both on and off stage and do an excellent job of creating a show that’s as fun to be on as it is to watch. It’s an absolute can’t-miss for both comics and comedy enthusiasts in the Southeast!

Carmen Lagala (@CarmenLagala)

There are so many cool shows every night in Vermont, but my heart belongs to COMEDY AND CREPES, a weekly Monday show. Located at The Skinny Pancake in Burlington, a stone’s throw from Lake Champlain, audiences have the pleasure of watching a balanced and eclectic line-up of newcomers, established locals, and regional headliners. The vibe is hip and laid-back, allowing comics to run anything from their best new ideas to their “A” material. Run by Nicole Sisk, a hilarious and time-honored Vermonter, the show is warm, genuine, and great for folks new to watching live comedy as well as die-hard stand-up fans. Other info: 7pmwinter hours / 8pm summer hours. It’s donation based / pay-what-you-feel, to support any budget. Runners up include FEMCOM at Espresso Bueno in Barre andGIRL CRUSH at Vermont Comedy Club.

Patrick Hastie is a comedian from Glenwood, Iowa who now lives in Brooklyn, New York. He has toured all over the country and has performed in festivals like the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, the Orlando Indie Comedy Festival and SF Sketchfest. Patrick co-produces the popular monthly show JACKKNIFE COMEDY at The Creek and The Cave in Queens, he can be heard weekly on THE NOSTALGIC FRONT podcast and he has been featured on The Chive, College Humor and The Interrobang. He is a very nice guy and his 5 year plan is to be cool and live forever!

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Patrick Hastie

Patrick Hastie, along with fellow comedian Gideon Hambright, hosts the stand up show JACKKNIFE COMEDY. The two year anniversary of the show is Thursday June 2nd at 8pm at The Creek and The Cave in Queens and will feature Joe Zimmerman (Conan), Rob Haze (Adam Devine’s House Party), Sarah Tollemache (AXS Gotham Live), Liza Treyger (Comedy Central’s The Half Hour) and more! If you are in the NYC area you should totally come because it is going to rule.
Patrick Hastie
Patrick Hastie
Patrick Hastie, along with fellow comedian Gideon Hambright, hosts the stand up show JACKKNIFE COMEDY. The two year anniversary of the show is Thursday June 2nd at 8pm at The Creek and The Cave in Queens and will feature Joe Zimmerman (Conan), Rob Haze (Adam Devine’s House Party), Sarah Tollemache (AXS Gotham Live), Liza Treyger (Comedy Central’s The Half Hour) and more! If you are in the NYC area you should totally come because it is going to rule.