Who is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: June 17, 2017

It’s summertime which means the cast and crew of is off pursuing other projects. So no new episode tonight but you can catch a re-airing of an episode that aired earlier this season. NBC is going back to March 11, 2017 tonight to an episode hosted by Scarlett Johansson. This was ScarJo’s fifth time hosting the show, which means you’ll get to see her get her five timers jacket.

The re-airing is timed perfectly to promote this week’s release of Rough Night– a summer comedy starring Scarjo along with Ilana Glazer that’s in theaters now.

The episode was one of the best of the season- sharp and pointed, and very political. “Complicit”- a perfume ad parody took aim at Ivanka’s role in her father’s election, “A Sketch For the Women” is a hilarious jab at all the men who are eager to show off how supportive they are of their female friends and co-workers, and a parody of an Olive Garden commercial shoot delivers major laughs and could be our favorite sketch of the night but it’s in a deadlock with the really brilliantly funny sketch “Translator” in which a scientist finds out what her dog Max really thinks, and what he thinks is, he’s a Trump supporter. If you like sillier sketches, you’ll enjoy “Zoo Pornographer” about a Zoo Photographer named Danny Bangs who is being profiled by a local news station, and “Funeral” about a recently departed dentist who lived a secret life.

In this episode we also learned that newcomer Alex Moffat can deliver a killer Al Franken impression. There’s also an Alec Baldwin cold open for fans of his Trump impression- in this episode responding to a theoretical alien attack.

Lorde joins as musical guest.

SNL will return live in the fall, and NBC will continue to air reruns of Season 42 all summer long.

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    how to watch SNL tonight episode on my computer ?