Who is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: April 12, 2017

Looking to see who is hosting SNL tonight?  Well, is still on its summer break, but tonight is an encore showing worth checking out with host, Louis C.K. Tonight’s repeat airing at 11:30pm on NBC, offers one of our favorite all-time hosts, Louis C.K. which was originally broadcast on April 8, 2017.

This episode marked the fourth time hosting for Louis C.K. and he had a lot to live up to with his 4th go-around. The last time he had hosted before this was back in 2015 and he brought down the house and got rave reviews for a brilliant monologue and an outstanding job of hosting. Unfortunately, the fourth time wasn’t the charm for Louis. For an episode that came in with such high hopes, it left with lackluster results.

One thing that this episode may be best known for was the comedy world controversy it started with one of the episode’s digital shorts, “Birthday Clown”. The sketch featured Louis C.K. as a depressed man who hires a children’s birthday party clown to cheer him up. The next day, social media was on fire after comedian Tig Notaro released a statement regarding how the digital short was “potential plagiarizing” a short film she wrote, produced and starred in called “Clown Service“. The similarities were uncanny and Tig called into question SNL‘s ethics and integrity by calling the whole situation, “extremely disappointing”.

Looking back at the rest of the episode, Louis C.K.’s monologue went for more shock value than anything when it mainly focused on this joke from C.K., “Why did the chicken cross the road? Because there was a black guy walking behind him.” From there, the monologue went into a dissertation on race with other topics mixed in. Not that it was bad. It just didn’t live up to his previous monologue from ’15.

Other things that went wrong with this Season 42 episode was Alec Baldwin over-extending himself. He not only returned to play President Trump, he played the President opposite of himself playing then-Fox News host Bill O’Reilly. It was all a little too much Alec because he had already played Trump earlier in the show’s cold open about President Donald getting rid of everything in the country from healthcare to jobs. The cold open was basically just SNL and Baldwin going through the motions.

As for the sketches, most of them were just downright bewildering. They varied from Louis C.K. as a lawyer with gorgeous eyelashes to Louis C.K. as a pervy soda jerk. One sketch to watch for tonight is “Tenement Museum” where Louis and ace cast member Kate McKinnon are re-enactors playing immigrants. It’s worth a second look just to hear Louis C.K.’s horrible foreign accent and watch him break character as the accent only gets worse. Plus towards the end of the show, there’s a sketch called “Sectionals” about a guy who adores selling sectional sofas which easily made for the low point of the night.

The other digital shorts included one about people’s sense of self-importance on social media and one about the highly criticized Pepsi commercial which featured Kendall Jenner and took heat for trivializing the Black Lives Matter movement. Weekend Update had its share of laughs in this episode and it featured Kate McKinnon back as Cecilia Gimenez who reviewed a new horrific bust of soccer star, Cristiano Ronaldo.

In the promos for tonight’s SNL, Louis C.K. appears with Kate McKinnon and musical guests The Chainsmokers and they talk new jeans, Kate’s preparedness and Louis’ Chainsmokers fandom.

So far, no premiere date has been announced for the start of Season 43. However, the Saturday Night Live Ticket Lottery has begun for fans to try to score tix to shows this coming season. It runs all through the month of August. You can check out the details at the NBC ticket page. The lottery does mean that we are moving closer to new SNL episodes, but until then everyone is going to have to make due with reruns from Season 42.


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