What’s On? The Shut In Guide to Halloween 2012




It’s Halloween Weekend and who doesn’t love October 31st!?


But maybe you’re too old or too tired to go trick or treating, go to parties or play dress up.  Or maybe you’re holed up avoiding the hurricane.   If you still want to do something to celebrate, get  yourself a set of plastic fangs, a bag of snickers and some microwave popcorn and spend the next few days with our SHUT IN’S GUIDE TO HALLOWEEN WEEKEND 2012!


All times are eastern, please double check your local listings!

Monday Day and Night:  Our Picks for October 29, 2011

  • 9:00 am on SyFi:  The Amityville Horror (2005)
  • 10:00 am on AMC:  Christine
  • 11:00 am on  Travel Channel:  Haunted Hotels Marathon
  • 11:00 am on SyFi:  Nightmare on Elm Street 2
  • 12:00 noon on  TV Land:  Andy Griffith:  “The Haunted House”
  • 1:00 pm on SyFi:  Nightmare on Elm Street 5
  • 2:30 pm  on Cooking Channel:  Happy Halloween Episode of Everyday Italian
  • 3:00 pm on SyFi:  Halloween H20
  • 8:00 pm on AMC Friday the 13th (followed by a full 24 Hour Friday the 13th Marathon)
  • 10:15 pm on AMC Friday the 13th Part 2
  • 12:05am  on Nick at Night:  Friends “The One with the Halloween Party”
  • 12:30 am on AMC Friday the 13th, Part 3
  • 2:45 am on AMC Friday the 13th Part IV (Friday 13 marathon continues at 9:45am)

Tuesday Day and Night:  October 30, 2011

  • 9:45 am on AMC:  Friday the 13th, Part IV
  • 11:45 am on AMC:  Friday the 13th, Part V
  • 12:30 pm on ABC Family:  Poltergeist (followed by II and III see below)
  • 1:45 pm on AMC:  Friday the 13th, Part VI Jason Lives
  • 3:00 pm on ABC Family:  Poltergeist II: The Other Side
  • 3:45 pm on AMC:  Friday the 13th, Part VII The New Blood
  • 4:00pm to 6:00 pm on CMT:   Halloween Episode Marathon
  • 5:00 pm on ABC Family:  Potergeist III
  • 5:45 pm on AMC:  Friday the 13th, Part VIII Jason Takes Manhattan
  • 6:00pm on Spike: Ink Master “Tattoing the Dead”
  • 7:00pm on ABC Family:  Edward Scissorhands
  • 8:00 pm on AMC:  Friday the 13th, Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday
  • 9:00 pm on ABC Family:  Beetlejuice
  • 10:00 pm on AMC:  Jason X
  • 10:00pm on Spike:  Ink Master “Trick or Freak”
  • 11:30pm on Encore Suspense”  Night of the Living Dead (1968)
  • 12:15 am on AMC: Friday the 13th (the marathon restarts!)
  • 1:00 am on SyFi:  Halloween H20
  • 2:30 am on AMC: Friday the 13th , Part 2
  • 3:00 am on SyFi:  Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

Wednesday , October 31st, 2011, HALLOWEEN DAY:

  • 7:00am till 10:00am various network morning news/talk shows will have halloween tips, costumes and more
  • 9:45 am on AMC:  Halloween 4, The Return of Michael Myers
  • 11:00 am to 7:00 pm on Animal Planet: THE HAUNTED Marathon
  • 11:45 am on AMC:  Halloween 5, The Revenge of Michael Myers
  • 1:00 pm on ABC:  The Chew “Halloween Spooktacular”
  • 2:00 pm on AMC:  Halloween Resurrection
  • 2:30 pm on ESPN2:  NFL Films Presents “HappyHalloween”
  • 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm on CMT:  Roseanne Halloween Episode Marathon
  • 4:00pm on AMC:  Halloween
  • 6:00 pm on The History Channel:  The Real History of Halloween
  • 6:00 pm on AMC:  Halloween 4:  The Return of Michael Myers
  • 8:00 pm on AMC:  Halloween 5:  The Revenge of Michael Myers
  • 8:00 pm on ABC:  It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
  • 8:00 pm on FX:  Zombieland
  • 8:00 pm on TCM:  Frankenstein (1931)
  • 8:00 pm on BBC:  The Shining
  • 800 pm on IFC:  The Exorcist
  • 9:30 pm on TCM:  Son of Frankenstein (1939)
  • 10:00 pm on Encore Suspense:  Bram Stroker’s Dracula
  • 10:45 pm on IFC:  The Exoricist
  • 10:15 pm on AMC: Halloween Resurrection
  • 10:35 pm on Encore Family:  Young Frankenstein
  • 11:00 pm on BBC:  The Shining
  • 11:15 pm on TCM:  The Wolfman (1941)
  • 12:10 am on Encore Suspense:  Children of the Living Dead
  • 12:15 am on AMC:  Halloween
  • 12:30 am on TCM:  The Mummy (1932)
  • 2:00 am on Comedy Central:  Shawn of the Dead
  • 4:15 am on AMC:  Bride of Frankenstein
  • 4:30 am on TCM:  The Invisible Man (1933)



If there are any gaps or movies you want to skip or if you’re missing one of the channels, here are some great NETFLIX streaming recommendations that you can watch whenever you want:
  • South Park Spooktacular
  • Dial M For Murder
  • The Omen
  • From Dusk Till Dawn
  • An American Werewolf in London
  • Creepshow
  • Nosferatu
  • Hellraiser
  • Hellraiser II: Hellbound
  • Hellraiser III
  • Hellraiser IV: Bloodline
  • Killer Klowns from Outerspace
  • Stigmata
  • Children of the Corn
  • Dracula (Bela Lugosi)
  • The Fog
  • Hellboy
  • Psycho
  • Creature from the Black Lagoon
  • The Car
  • Scary Movie
  • Abbot and Costello Meet the Mummy
  • Carrie
  • The Last Exorcism
  • The Mummy (Boris Karloff)
  • Chud




  1. Foggy_Otis

    October 28, 2012 at 7:45 pm

    This is very useful! Rock on!

  2. shrekkalove

    October 28, 2012 at 9:11 pm

    I really think I should have the next few days off just because I’m going to be so worried about my buddays!

  3. jerkstoresean

    October 28, 2012 at 9:25 pm

    There’s a surprisingly small amount of horror movies playing on the movie channels that I pay extra for. It’s bullshit

  4. C0deRob

    October 29, 2012 at 7:03 pm

    Don’t forget Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy and Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein on Netflix.

  5. BadNewsJeff

    October 31, 2012 at 12:13 pm

    Try my halloween tradition out this year (est. 2006).  Smoke weed (not near the front door or else trick-or-treaters will ask about the smell) and watch Donnie Darko after dark.