We’ve Got Unmasked! And Now You Can Too…on iTunes!

 Unmasked is Now a Podcast! Hear the Best of Unmasked Now on iTunes

This is huge news.  You’ve heard about Unmasked, you’ve wanted to check it out but you don’t have SiriusXM. Now you too can understand why the series is so beloved by guests and fans alike.

Every industry needs a sage: Someone who is so knowledgeable, so well-versed on a particular topic that you have no problem taking their word as law. Film has James Lipton, football has John Madden, theoretical physics has Stephen Hawking, and comedy has .

Bennington is a comedian and radio host and he’s also been a curator of some of the best comedy in the world. His interviews with comedians are some of the best anywhere, and he’s widely considered to be one of the best interviewers in media today. One of his projects, Unmasked, has been an invaluable contribution to the archives of comedy.

Listen on iTunes

Previously only available to subscribers of SiriusXM, we are absolutely thrilled to be bringing some of Ron’s best work from his Unmasked series to iTunes.  Bennington’s Unmasked interviews are one-hour conversations with some of the most riveting figures in comedy, an intimate and in-depth look at the minds and creative processes of some of the best comics of the past, present and future. , Louie Anderson, , , Dan Aykroyd, Ron White, , Louis C.K., Henry Winkler, Gilbert Gottfried, , Lisa Kudrow, Barr, , , Big , , , , Dom Irrera, Patrice O’Neal, Lisa Lampanelli; Bennington has sat with them all and dug into what exactly, makes them tick. Bennington is a master interviewer, and it shows in the high-quality conversations that he has with each one of his guests.

The first five hours are available now! You can hear Unmasked episodes with Jim Norton, Ali Wong, BonnieMcFarlane, Big Jay Oakerson and Louie Anderson.  

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Unmasked is a comedy fan’s dream, and we are curating some of our favorite episodes and making them available on iTunes. Every week we’re posting one interview from the Unmasked archive for your listening pleasure. Many of these interviews haven’t been heard for years, so be sure to check in each week and indulge in your little dose of hilarity with us here at the IBang.

We’ve already posted the first five, some of our favorites from 2016, including hour conversations with Big Jay Oakerson, Louie Anderson, Jim Norton, Ali Wong, and Bonnie McFarlane. More episodes will follow each week in 2017, so make sure to subscribe and share the episodes with your comedy friends.

Once you’ve heard a few, you will undoubtedly want to subscribe to SiriusXM so that you don’t have to wait months or years to hear these great episodes. Get a free trial of SXM here to see what you are missing.

Ron Bennington is also the host of Bennington (daily from noon to 3 on SiriusXM’s Raw Dog Channel 99), which he hosts with his daughter, Gail Bennington.  He’s also the former host of The Ron and Ron Show, and SiriusXM’s show.

If you don’t want to take our word for it, here’s what some of the greats have said about Unmasked:

Dick Cavett said, “As Groucho said when he met Steve Allen, “you’re too damn good”. You really are. I can’t spell it out in detail, but there’s something about you that a lot of them don’t have and hardly anybody that I know does.” called Unmasked, “one of the best interview shows I’ve ever been on, probably the best.”  said about Bennington, “You’re a solo; you’re Coltrain; you’re your own thing. You’re an instrument that nobody else has figured out a way to play- and it’s effortless– but yet we all try to pick up our instruments and try to make it sound like you.” Peter Farrelly said Ron was “smart, incisive and opened us up in a way that we don’t open up because we knew we were dealing with a really really smart guy.” Patrice O’Neal called Bennington “one of the smartest dudes I ever heard in my life,” and said after appearing on the show, “This interview was hands down, wonderful, the best. I wish it didn’t end. I wish we had another two hours. It was one of my favorite interviews of all time.”

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