Watch Anthony Atamanuik (As Trump) Address Protesters in Washington D.C. During Tax March

While much attention in recent months has been dedicated to Alec Baldwin’s impersonation of Donald Trump on , comedian ’s version of the character has been slowly gaining the recognition it deserves. While Baldwin’s impression certainly isn’t bad, Atamanuik’s ability to capture Trump’s nuances, from the small hand gestures, subtle faces, and cadence of his speech, is just impeccable. Case in point: at this past Saturday’s Tax March, Atamanuik (as Trump) made an appearance to a large crowd gathered in front of the Capitol Building, one that was so convincing that some in the crowd seemed unsure at first of whether he was the real deal or not.

Video from the appearance shows Atamanuik ascending the stage with the help of two “Secret Service agents” before awkwardly greeting protesters on stage. In textbook Trump fashion, he begins by addressing how impressive the size of the crowd is, referring to them as “rain check holders for my inaugural address.” If the camera panned out just a little farther, you’d have a hard time telling Atamanuik apart from the real Trump. Imagine how good he’ll be four years from now.

Here’s the video:

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Bill Tressler

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