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Every Tuesday for the past few months, we have been releasing one of our favorite episodes of ’s epic interview series Unmasked from the archives. Our picks have come from different years in Unmasked’s 11 year history, as recent as 2016 and as far back as 2009 and the hours we’ve released include Jim Jefferies, Ali Wong, Louis C.K., , Bert Kreischer, Patrice O’Neal and more.

This week, we released a brand new Unmasked, with two genius creators of comedy. and sat down with Bennington to record the hour at SiriusXM’s New York City headquarters in the infamous Fishbowl studio. Fans packed out room to hear Tim and Eric talk about their careers, and to get a chance to ask a few questions themselves.


Tim and Eric are beloved by legions of fans and in this hour with , you can hear them unlike you’ve ever heard them before.  broke big in 2007 after their Adult Swim series Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!  premiered and ran for three years featuring their unique alt comedy style, and heavy satire, and always producing the unexpected. Spin-off series Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule, Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories and Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie have all been big successes. Heidecker and Wareheim are promoting their Tim & Eric 10 Year Anniversary Awesome Tour, and sat down with Bennington for an hour to talk about their career and what’s next.

Throughout the hour, Tim and Eric talk about going to school in Philly, some of their straight jobs before becoming a duo, their influences, balancing guests and characters in their shows, writing the “I Am A Cuck” song, and who their celebrity wish list is.

The episode was taped on July 17, 2017 in front of a live audience at the SiriusXM studios.

The Unmasked series which began in 2008 with a brilliant hour with Patrice O’Neal, has taped nearly 200 episodes since, documenting the careers of the most interesting comedy writers, directors, filmmakers, actors, screenwriters, satirists, political comedians, comedic musicians and of course, stand up comedians in the business. It is a veritable archive of the greatest comedy of our time. Past Unmasked guests have included , Bob Newhart, , Dan Aykroyd, Simon Pegg, , , Jim Jefferies, Gilbert Gottfried, Bobcat Goldthwait, Louis C.K., David Brenner,  and over 150 more comedy greats.


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