Tracy Morgan Tells Kimmel He May Buy The Knicks

appeared on Live on Monday night and revealed what he may invest his vast settlement in now that he’s feeling much better since his tragic limo accident in 2014. The former star said he may be buying the NBA’s New York Knicks franchise. When Jimmy Kimmel asked if Tray has enough money to buy an NBA team, Tracy Morgan took a hilarious comedic pause and finally said, “You act like I got hit by a Bob’s Discount Furniture truck”, getting the biggest laughs and cheers of the interview. Tracy Morgan never mentioned the name of the company whose truck struck his limo that night, but he did add that since his settlement, “everything went up a penny” in their stores.

In addition to fantasizing about owning the Knicks, Tracy Morgan has actually gotten a new house with an elevator in it. He revealed how he makes himself feel more at home in all that luxury after growing in the projects. Tracy also discussed Valentine’s Day with Jimmy Kimmel and told the audience about his version of flowers and candy.

After showing a clip of his new film, Fist Fight, Tracy sent his love to director Richie Keen for taking a chance on him when he claims other studios and producers are wary about hiring someone who’s been through a traumatic experience like what happened to him.

You can see Tracy Morgan in the new comedy movie, Fist Fight, also starring Ice Cube and Charlie Day, when it opens this Friday, February 17th in theaters nationwide.

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