Tracy Morgan SNL Characters Ranked

Tracy Morgan SNL characters

In two months, will be making his return to comedy on the show that launched his career, . Yesterday, the SNL twitter account announced that Tracy would host the show on October 17, the third episode of SNL’s 41st season. Tracy has returned to host before, in 2009, but this gig will mark his first since the tragic car crash that nearly killed him. With the exciting news of Tracy’s return, we’re  ranking Tracy’s top SNL characters from his run as a cast member (1996-2003) and who knows, maybe we’ll get to see the return of one of our favorite Classics.


8. Reggie Owens

Tracy teamed with Jim Breuer to form their hilarious “Wong & Owens, ex-porn star” characters. Tracy’s Reggie Owens and Breuer’s Don Wong are trying to leave their porn days behind them to work a regular office job, but they can’t help but turn the most mundane office tasks into porn scenes. From licking envelopes to using a pencil sharpener, they keep porning up to their born-again Christian supervisor (Alec Baldwin) — who also used to star in porn.

7. Big Bernard

Tracy is 5’10 and Shaquille O’Neal is 7’1. That doesn’t matter — Tracy is in charge. Tracy’s “Big Bernard” character is the father of Shaq’s character. Whenever Shaq comes home late, Big Bernard won’t have any of it. No matter how old or large Shaq is, Big Bernard will discipline him. He’ll spank him, put him on his lap and sing him lullabies, and tell too much information about his son’s mother: “She’s got a butt like a bag of wet clothes.”

6. Uncle Jemima

We all know Aunt Jemima, the face of pancake syrup. Yet it wasn’t until Tracy Morgan came along that we knew she had a husband. Uncle Jemima tries to get into the pitching business, selling Uncle Jemima’s Mash Liquor. The ad is a hilarious parody of upbeat commercials, with Uncle Jemima trashing his wife’s pancake business and doing one of the funniest liquor ads ever made.

5. Bishop Don Mack Donald

Bishop Don Mack Donald was the host of the Pimp Channel, where he and Pimpin’ Kyle (Tim Meadows) would have a “Pimp Chat” for the viewers. They’d talk pimpin’ lifestyles and spit truth, while also doing giveaways like Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass. As Bishop Don said, “Give this book to a bitch and she’ll be your ho forever.”

4. Dominican Lou

Before Stefon, there was Dominican Lou. Morgan’s character was one of the funniest guest commentators in that generation of “Weekend Update.” Dominican Lou was a building super at a Bronx apartment building, but he was called in to discuss topics that were often unrelated to his areas of expertise, including a chess match between Garry Kasparov and a computer, Bill Clinton and Kenneth Starr, and Oscar-nominated movies that he has not seen.

3. Woodrow The Homeless Man

Woodrow The Homeless Man had a charm unlike any other. He could somehow convince Hollywood stars like Britney Spears and Kate Hudson to come down to his sewer, where they’d immediately fall in love with Woodrow. He would serenade the starlets, who would become enchanted by his charm. Their stardom always forced them to leave the sewer, at Woodrow’s encouragement, but they will never forget their love. And Kate Hudson will never forget what Woodrow said after they shared a kiss: “You just made me piss my pants.”

2. Astronaut Jones

Astronaut Jones is an awesome character that is essentially Tracy Morgan in space. As a space explorer, Astronaut Jones is supposed to learn alien cultures on his missions. Yet upon seeing how hot some alien chicks are, he just asks to see ’em naked. If we ever find intelligent, extraterrestrial life, Tracy Morgan should be our point-man to have the first convo with them.

Astronaut Jones by djgreenuts

1. Brian Fellow

One of the more memorable SNL characters of the last twenty years, Brian Fellow just loves all of God’s creatures. He has no credentials in zoology, nor does he have any degrees beyond his sixth grade education — but that doesn’t stop him. Morgan played the host of “Brian Fellow’s Animal Planet” with a flamboyant flair that made the character a recurring fan-favorite.

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