Tony Rock Says Brother Jordan Rock (not Chris Rock) is His Favorite Comedian

Stand up comedian Tony Rock appeared on the LIVE edition of the Late Show with Stephen Colbert Tuesday night after the President addressed Congress. He’s a great stand up in his own right, but he’s also ’s brother- one of ten siblings.

Tony said his favorite comedian is among those ten, but it’s not Chris, it’s 24 year old baby brother Jordan Rock (who killed it at Just For Laughs New Faces this year). You can see Jordan on Judd Apatow’s Netflix series, Love. Last fall, he told us the same thing, “G-d is good and Jordan Rock is my favorite comedian!” in an interview about hosting the revival of Russel Simmons Def Comedy Jam, so he really means it. “Firestone family has tires, The Heinz have ketchup, Rocks have jokes. All the time.” Tony told Colbert.

Tony has a new show, called the Game of Dating airing Tuesday nights at 8 on TV One. It’s a dating show where you get to watch a date unfold along with three teams who try to predict what happens next.

Watch the clip below to hear Tony talk about a dating problem that involved his brothers.

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