Tina Fey’s Cake Filled Rant Dives Deep on Weekend Update

, and Join Weekend Update’s and

Last night on NBC, Michael Che and Colin Jost brought another great episode of prime time Weekend Update: Summer Edition to the network with plenty of great guest stars. Fallon and Meyers had solid appearances about George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, but the gold star for the night belongs to Tina Fey, who had a glorious cake and grilled cheese filled rant about the state of affairs in the United States under the Trump administration.

Now some of you are going to hate this, and the c-words, f-words and even the h-word will probably fly, but all of those things are a good part of the reason it exists. She addressed the “both sides” remarks Donald Trump made after the Charlottesville violence, and she didn’t hold back. The segment starts out smart, and funny, and then just when you think you get where it’s all going, it takes a sudden dive a few hundred feet deeper as Fey starts to dive deep into an American flag cake (she calls it #sheetcaking), calls Ann Coulter, “yard side Barbie” and yells out of a cake filled mouth, “who drove the car into the crowd? Hillary’s email?”  Fey talks about independent militias, calls Paul Ryan a pussy and she has something to say about those Confederate monuments too.


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