The Filtered Excellence: May 16, 2013

Bob Geldof once asked us, “Where is the filtered excellence!?” It’s right here. Here are this weeks picks of what to WATCH, what to DO what to TRY what to READ what to LISTEN TO and more:



Shadow Dancer.  Directed by Acadamy Award winner James Marsh (Man on Wire), this film about a family involved with the IRA is one of the best films of the year. Starring Clive Owen, Andrea Riseborough and Gillian Anderson.  The less you know about the film before you see it, the better.  Currently on demand.  In theaters May 31st.

Upstream Color on Demand.  Shane Carruth’s second film is completely unconventional, and utterly captivating. This completely one of a kind viewing experience is visually stunning, with a beautiful score, and will leave you with plenty to talk about after the film ends. If that appeals to you, try to see Upstream Color without knowing anything more than that. Wait until after you’ve seen it to look around at the theories and commentary.

American Masters – Mel Brooks: Make a Noise. It’s a look at a comic legend and his over 60 year career in show business. This documentary has exclusive interviews and access to Mel Brooks’ complete film and photo archive. Interviews include Matthew Broderick, Nathan Lane, Cloris Leachman, , Tracy Ullman and the great Carl Reiner. “Mel Brooks: Make a Noise” premieres on American Masters, Monday, May 20th at 9pm Eastern on PBS.



Waits-Corbijn ’77-’11. In 1977, Tom Waits, the critically acclaimed singer-songwriter of such classic albums as Closing Time, Small Change and The Heart Of Saturday Night, did a series of photos with Anton Corbijn, a young, relatively unknown photographer in Holland. A friendship was formed and for the next 35 years, the two would collaborate on various photo sessions spread out across America and around the world. Waits-Corbijn ’77-’11 is a limited edition coffee table book that culls all of the photos they’ve done throughout the years, with essays by Jim Jarmusch and Robert Christgau. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a series of photos and musings by Waits himself. It’s an absolute must-have for fans of either artist. There’s only 6,600 copies available, so don’t sleep on it. Waits-Cobijn ’77-’11 is available now.



Braindex.   If you haven’t played Braindex yet, you’re missing out on the best interactive gameshow app available.  Alex Vlagg hosts as you compete with head to head celebrities small and large (ranging from Mike Tyson to a weird mime) for big points.  It all takes place in the back of a van, and …lets face it… producer Terry steals the show every week.  It only will take a few plays till you start making up your own lyrics to that catchy theme song…. “Braindex…it’s a great show……. Braindex….the ipad app show….”   Available for download at the app store on your iPad.



New York City: Scarecrow.   Starring Al Pacino and Gene Hackman at The Film Forum. This 1973 road movie was loved by critics but disappeared shortly after its release. Hackman and Pacino play Max and Lion: Max is a hot-headed ex-con; Lion is a goofy, childlike ex-sailor. Max is on his way to Pittsburgh to pick up his seed money needed to start a car wash. Lion is going to Detroit to make up with the wife and child he left behind. They travel from California to the East Coast, where they get into bar fights, pick up women, and even do a stint in a Colorado jail. Along the way, they also form a strong bond with one taking on the more favorable traits of the other. Hackman and Pacino – both of whom were coming off career defining performances are in fine form. It’s no wonder that Hackman calls it his favorite film. Director Jerry Schatzberg (who also directed Pacino in his breakout film Panic In Needle Park) brings in almost documentary style feel to the movie – you can almost smell the beer in the rundown bars and the food in the roadside diners. The cinematography by the now legendary Vilmos Zisgmond breathtakingly captures the scope and space of America. It begs to be a big screen. A seminal 70’s film. Scarecrow will be at The Film Forum May 17th through May 23rd. Director Jerry Schatzberg will be introduce the film and do a post-screening Q&A at the 7:30 screening on May 17th.

New York City: Chuck Close Photo Maquettes & The Eykyn Maclean Gallery. This latest exhibition by the renowned painter and photographer is his most extensive and most intimate to date. It will display over 20 photo maquettes, which are large-format Polariods that are the basis of his exceptional paintings. The displays also contains the grid which he uses to make the amazingly precise recreations as well as his notes and scribbles along the edges. It’s a long, time-consuming process that requires an unbelievable amount of time and patience. Even more so considering that Close has suffers from prosopagnosia (face blindness) and a spinal artery collapse has left him in a wheelchair since 1988. This exhibition not only shows the creative process at work, it’s also an amazing story of overcoming insurmountable odds to create breathtaking art. Chuck Close Photo Maquettes will be at The Eykyn Maclean Gallery through May 24th.

Dana Point, California: 2013 Doheny Blues Festival featuring George Thorogood and the Destroyers. George Thorogood leads the huge Sunday line up at the Doheny Blues Festival at Doheny State Beach. Gates open at 10:30am and tickets are still available. The Sunday show also includes performances by Joe Bonamassa and Robert Randolph and the Family Band.

Brooklyn, New York: Great Googa Mooga – Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings. Great Googa Mooga hits Prospect Park in Brooklyn this weekend and Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings will be headlining the Sunday concert event. The band just announced the release date for their new album “Give The People What They Want” which will be available August 6th. Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings will be performing on the Nethermead Stage and are scheduled to go on at 6:45pm.


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  1. RonsCigar

    May 16, 2013 at 11:45 pm

    Finally got to see Upstream Color, really awesome film.

  2. Otto And George

    May 17, 2013 at 11:44 am

    Scarecrow is one of my all time favorite films.

    • RonsCigar

      May 19, 2013 at 9:04 pm

      Otto And George Mega like!!! Otto is the man!

  3. turd burd

    May 17, 2013 at 12:22 pm

    I got tickets to the Sunday Googa Mooga and Sharon Jones is no longer on
    the bill “due to an urgent family matter”.  They replaced Sharon Jones
    with Kool & The Gang.  Still planning on checking out mighty De La
    Soul though..

  4. caseypickles

    May 18, 2013 at 10:07 pm

    Upstream Color!!!

  5. clemato

    May 29, 2013 at 1:33 pm

    Shadow Dancer, not Dancers.   Academy, not Acadamy.   Noticing many typos all over TheIBang today, guys.