Stephen Colbert Finds a Theme In Judy Gold’s Work


Judy Gold sat down with Stephen Colbert on the Late Show on Wednesday night to discuss a couple of the projects she’s currently working on and that’s when a common thread started to appear in the titles of her latest ventures. Judy obviously loves gigs that come with morbid monikers.

She is currently hosting her popular podcast titled Kill Me Now with Judy Gold where (to no one’s surprise) she talks about the things going on in the world that are bothering her. Again, to no one’s surprise, that includes the current President of the United States. The thing that bothers her most about Donald Trump doesn’t even deal with his policies, it’s something that he gets away without doing that no other person living in Manhattan does. You can watch the clip below to find out what that is. She’s also had it with the people in her life who claim the need to now live gluten-free and eat things like brownies which contain none of the ingredients that make a brownie taste taste like a brownie and end up tasting like “a piece of cardboard with black Sharpie on it.”

Judy’s other project with the death-related name, is Showtime’s highly anticipated series about the rising Los Angeles comedy scene in the 1970s called “I’m Dying Up Here” which premieres this Summer. In the hour long Showtime drama about comedy, Judy plays an older comedian in L.A. who’s working the clubs leading up to the 80s’ comedy boom. In a bit of on-the-nose writing, Judy Gold’s “older comedian” character is named Judy Elder.

Of course, add to these projects, Judy’s appearance in the new comedy documentary currently available On Demand, “The Last Laugh“, and you have a grim reaper trifecta of titles.

You can hear her podcast, “Kill Me Now with Judy Gold” at her site, and plan on seeing her in Showtime’s “I’m Dying Up Here” on Sunday, June 4th at 10pm.

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