SiriusXM Kicks Off 8th Annual ‘Top Comic’ Competition With First Round Lineup

As we previously reported, SiriusXM Canada’s Top Comic competition is now in its eighth year, and the contest is already underway. Organizers held a first round of auditions back in April, and now the playing field has been narrowed a bit. 60 comics have been chosen out of the hundreds who submitted tape, and now the lucky few are about to become the luckier fewer. Starting on May 29th, a series of six auditions will take place in both Vancouver and Toronto, with ten comics performing each night. Each event will be observed by a panel of comic judges who will choose three of the contestants from each audition to move on. Those 18 semi-finalists will then have videos of their act put online to be voted on by the public, and from there, the eight finalists will compete for the Top Comic title while performing at Toronto’s JFL42.

Tickets for each of the events can be bought through the venue’s website or at the door. So, without further ado, here is the field of comics who are preparing to duke it out in Vancouver and Toronto:

Toronto Dates:

May 29th at Yuk Yuk’s:

Martha Chaves
Pete Johansson
Lianne Mauladin
Danish Anwar
JJ Liberman
Keith Pedro
Marito Lopez
Alex Wood
Darren Elmore
D.J. Demers

May 30th at The Drake Underground:

Ana-Marija Stojic
Dawn Whitewell
Chantel Marostica
Graham Chittenden
Tranna Wintour
Meg MacKay
Travis Lindsay
Mike Rita
Clare Belford
Andrew Johnston

May 31st at Absolute Comedy:

Nigel Grinstead
Michelle Shaughnessy
Jess Beaulieu
Cathryn Naiker
Pat Burtscher
Courtney Gilmour
Ryan Long
Kelly Taylor
Jenn Hayward
Efthimios Nasiopoulos

Vancouver Dates:

June 6th at the Comedy MIX:

Carina Morton
Ben Walker
Amanda Brooke-Perrin
Wes Barker
Kathleen McGee
James Kennedy
Derek Adams
Alex Sparling
Myles Anderson
Gavin Matts

June 6th at the Comedy MIX (Late Show):

Simon King
Levi McCachen
Dion Arnold
Benji Rothman
Amy Bugg
Garrett Clark
Colin Sharp
Sterling Scott
Fatima Dhowre
Mayce Galoni

June 7th at Yuk Yuk’s:

John Cullen
Ross Dauk
Kyle Bottom
Dave Nostrum
Jacob Samuel
Brittany Lyseng
Tim Nutt
Katie Humphries
Jean Paul
Jane Stanton

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