Sherrod Small and Christian Finnegan Want to Teach You Things About Race You Never Knew

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If laughter is the best medicine, then Christian Finnegan and Sherrod Small’s new show Black and White might be just what the doctor ordered right now.

Premiering on A&E Wed, July 27 at 10:30 pm and available for Roku, phones and tablets via the A&E app, Black and White takes a humorous look at race in America through desk pieces, sketches, man on the street, interviews and panels. And every episode ends with an audience Q&A. Sherrod explains, “It’s called Color Commentary and we get written questions from the audience that might be racially sensitive and we ask them on the air, for them. It’s opening doors for conversation and knowledge and that’s always a good thing.” Even Christian and Sherrod have learned a thing or two from the segment, and we learned a thing or two about them on a few topics.

We talked with Christian and Sherrod about the show, the audience questions that gave them surprising new insights, and got their color commentary on a few topics that may not come up in your own every day conversation, but you’re not Sherrod and Christian….


Black women think white people are kind of gross

Christian Finnegan: “I don’t think this one made it to air, but a black woman asked, ‘Why do white men always wanna lick the booty hole?’ and one thing I have definitely picked up from our audience is that hygiene in general is more important to black people than white people.”

Sherrod Small: “Yeah, when people say ‘black people are dirty’ they obviously have never been around a black person. We take the time and effort.”

Christian Finnegan: “Another question we got was a black woman who asked why white women go to bed without washing ‘their dirty ass sandal feet?’”

Sherrod Small: “Don’t you know you got subway mud on your toes, bitch? Subway mud! That’s the kind of mud that’s below the other mud!”

Christian Finnegan: “Who cares? You’re going to bed!”

Sherrod Small “When you look at the bottom of a white girl’s bed, it looks like someone’s been tracking Bigfoot!”

Christian Finnegan: “Basically, a lot of the questions from white people were ‘Am I wrong for doing X?’ and black people were like, ‘Why do you do X???’”

Christian is really hung up on kissing

Besides bringing it up in our first interview, AND it being a topic on the episode featuring Jim Gaffigan, Christian once again turned the conversation to kissing his dog on the mouth.

Christian Finnegan: “I think that’s related to how we’ve found only white people kiss their dogs.”

Sherrod Small: “Meanwhile, Christian just gets right in there with his”

Christian Finnegan: “My dog and I pass an ice cube back and forth. Then I run the ice cube along all eight nipples.”


Derek Jeter is only racially ambiguous to white people

Christian Finnegan: “There’s one lady who was worried that if she had a kid with her white boyfriend, her son would be too light to identify as black.”

Sherrod Small “You know, this is America, you got the one drop rule.”

Christian Finnegan: “If Jason Kidd can pass as black, your kid will be fine. Derek Jeter is the only one people don’t realize is black.”


Christian Finnegan: “I think if you ask the average person…”

Sherrod Small “Average WHITE person? If you watch the Yankee games, you see his father at every game! He looks like an older Reggie Jackson, he looks like !”

Christian Finnegan: “You know Teen Wolf where the father turns into a werewolf, too? He’s the black version of that. A kindly, suburban, black werewolf. But Jeter has that sort of Bensonhurst teenager with gold chains thing, so he gives off more an Italian vibe.”

Sherrod Small “And he’s playing baseball, if he were playing basketball, you wouldn’t even question he was black!”

You Definitely Shouldn’t Hook Up With Christian or Sherrod

Christian Finnegan: “You know that story about Jeter giving girls he hooked up with gift bags?”

Sherrod Small “At least you get something, when you leave my apartment, all you get is a high five and herpes!”

Christian Finnegan: “I like to give my conquests a Quiznos gift card on the way out the door. I’ve been married so long, I think… are they out of business?”


Everybody wants to be a comedian

Sherrod Small “We get a good mix of serious and funny questions”

Christian Finnegan: “Yeah, but even the dirty ass feet question, it was asked jokingly, but it’s serious underneath. Though the worst ones were people who were just trying to tell a joke in question form. Those, we throw into the garbage. It’s like people on Twitter. No question that ends with ‘Am I right?’ is an actual question.”

Watch Black and White on the A&E network, premiering on July 27th 10:30/9:30c on A&E.

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