Seth Meyers Meets Jan Böhmermann, the Seth Meyers of Germany

imported one of his Late Night guests last night from Germany. We’ll have to see if this is the start of American talk show guests losing their jobs to imports. But the interesting part of this German guest is that he does what Seth Meyers does, in his country. He’s a late night comedian hosting a show on German television. Jan Böhmermann is the star of “Schulz & Böhmermann,” which he hosts with Olli Schulz.

Jan said his show is so similar to Seth Meyers’ show that it felt like he was in a “parallel universe” while sitting on the Late Night couch. The German comic said while he was in New York City, he was doing some “Man on the Street” interviews for his own show. The main thing he learned from New Yorkers was that they didn’t even think that it was possible to be a comedian in Germany. Jan said, “I know. It seems strange that I even exist.” He then jokingly explained to Seth that humor had only become legal in Germany a couple of years ago and that some comedy like irony was still illegal. Seth replied that here in America, “It’s Presidential”.

The two late night hosts both had questions about the feelings going on in the other country. Jan wondered if he could say the word “Hitler” without it being bleeped. And Seth was curious about how Germans felt about President Trump snubbing a handshake from German Chancellor Angela Merkel. To find out what the Germans were worried about when it came to Merkel meeting Trump, watch the clip below courtesy of YouTube. By the way, that comment does get bleeped.

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