Seinfeld, Wallace, Maniscalco and Regan Show Up to Comedy Juice at Gotham Comedy Club

Tuesday nights at Gotham, Comedy Juice takes over, and if you read Jeffrey Gurian’s Monday morning column (and of course you do) then you know that it’s not only a terrific show, but you also know that the drop-ins are frequent and impressive. This week, comedy fans who checked out Comedy Juice hit the jackpot.

The show, hosted and produced by Chris Millhouse, was already an impressive show. On the line up- , Carly Aquilino, Myq Kaplan, Judah Friedlander, and Ricky Velez. And then, there were the stars who weren’t on the bill. LA comic Fahim Anwar popped in, and so did Jerry . And while a drop-in by isn’t rare at Comedy Juice (he drops by with some frequency),  his visit on Tuesday was a little more special than usual. After the audience exploded upon seeing take the stage (he got a roaring standing ovation before he even told a single joke), he performed for twenty minutes, and then brought up one of his oldest friends, another legend in the world of stand-up, George Wallace. You can watch Jerry bringing up Wallace in the video clip below.

And those who were sharp enough to be looking around the room may have spotted some other comedy royalty. came by with some friends after his appearance on the Tonight Show to catch the show, and Sebastian Maniscalco was seen in the back of the room, too.

The crowded house were buzzing over their good luck at getting to see two giants, and with all respect to Seinfeld and Wallace who delivered sets the audience won’t soon forget, one of the most remarkable sets of the night may have belonged to the youngest performer to take the stage- Ricky Velez. Velez delivered a powerhouse 15 genuinely killing with the crowd Tuesday night. It’s been two and a half years ago that Velez took the title of New York’s Funniest at Carolines Comedy Club’s annual competition, and he’s demonstrating that he is a comedian who will one day soon be putting out his own hour. To have a memorable performance among the power hitters in the room is a gigantic accomplishment, so congrats to Ricky.

Congratulations are also in order for Chris Millhouse, who is not only a great comedian and show host, he also runs a hell of a tight ship making sure everyone is having a great experience on both sides of the stage. Congratulations to Chris, Comedy Juice and Gotham on a great night!

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