Season Seven of Portlandia Returns Tonight. Watch Some Preview Clips.

Season seven of the Emmy-nominated, wildly popular sketch show “Portlandia” returns tonight with ten new episodes and a slew of fun guests. The IFC hit garnered a wide audience in its past six runs, but featuring all kinds of comedic talents and musical acts could amp up their fanbase a little more. The show’s also reached that interesting peak where co-stars double as directors on certain episodes; Carrie Brownstein and will both present their own directorial debuts.

It’s nearly impossible not to spot a name you love in the guest line-up. It’s a cross-generational roster of heavy hitters; the ten episodes will be chock full of appearances by Maria Bamford (“Lady Dynamite” anybody?), Rachel Dratch (longtime “SNL” legend), Judy Greer (“Archer”), co-founder of the strange Abso Lutely dynasty Tim Heidecker, Jessica St. Clair (“Review”, “Enough Said”), Laurie Metcalf (a freakin’ amazing episode of “Horace and Pete”) and Bernie Sanders advocate (and member of Run the Jewels) Killer Mike.

The plot lines of old favorites are evolving with the show, feminist bookstore owners Toni and Candace retirement is emblematic of that, but hopefully “Portlandia” has a few tricks up its sleeve, the roster of celebrity cameos only being one. Whether this season will be the last for “Portlandia” remains to be seen, but seems unlikely for a show with so much momentum. Conversely, the co-stars’ side gigs could become prioritized over “Portlandia”. Only time will tell- season 7 will air January 5th at 10 PM on IFC.

Watch a bunch of clips previewing the new season below, including this clip featuring special guests Mitchell Hurwitz and Natasha Lyonne.

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