Rough Night Trailer Features ScarJo, Illana, Kate and Other Comedy Royalty

The recent trailers for Sony Pictures’ Rough Night have made a good first impression. The movie stars Broad City’s , Workaholics’ Jillian Bell, (Ghostbusters, ), Scarlett Johansson (Ghost in the Shell, The Avengers) and Zoë Kravitz (Divergent, Big Little Lies), and plays like a hybrid of The Hangover and Weekend at Bernie’s, with a group of old friends throwing a bachelorette party that turns into a murder cover-up in record time. Previous trailers for the film have shown us the basic premise of the story, but this newly released trailer gives us some more insight into just why this group of friends is so close.

You can check out the latest trailer below, and you can find a Q&A with Glazer, Bell, Johansson and Kravitz on the @Sonypictures Instagram story, which includes insight into the cast’s favorite hangover cures and strangest fetishes they’ve ever encountered.

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Bill Tressler

Bill is a writer and comedy enthusiast from New York. An avid gamer and podcast fan, he strives to always toe the line between charming irreverence and grating honesty.