Queen Movie Trailer Being Accused Of “Hetero-Washing” Freddie Mercury

Writer and producer Bryan Fuller took to Twitter to attack the trailer for Bohemian Rhapsody, the new film about Queen. He particularly didn’t like the quick cut to Freddie Mercury interacting with a woman and no mention of his bi-sexuality or of AIDS. Don’t worry, the AIDS-focused trailer is going to come later to get that demographic locked up.

Read more at thewrap.com.

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  1. Astroglide

    May 16, 2018 at 3:28 pm

    If anyone knows the story he did have a loving relationship with one woman.. can’t remember her name but that was the case. Don’t get me wrong he was packing fudge/pitching and catching kawks until the cows came home.

  2. mesaboogie

    May 16, 2018 at 11:30 pm

    To answer the original question-no

    • R.N.

      May 17, 2018 at 9:28 am

      Excellent Screen Name!

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