Philly Mayor Teases Jimmy Fallon About His Philly Accent


This past Saturday on SNL appeared with on Weekend Update to play two suburban undecided voters from Philly, the “most important votes” in the election right now. You would think most of the drama from their SNL cameo, would come from poking fun at Fallon for tussling Trump’s hair when he had the nominee on The Tonight Show, but that’s not it at all. ’s attempt at a Philly accent was so bad that it caused Mayor Jim Kenney to tweet at the talk show host about his attempt.

Tina Fey did a perfect job which didn’t come too hard for the Upper Darby, PA born comedian, but even Fallon himself knew he wasn’t doing a great job while it was happening. He said “I apologize. I’ve been on vacation, so my accent … ” and did the typical Jimmy Fallon giggle while constantly saying “hoagies”.

Mayor Kenney tweeted some tips at Fallon on what places to mention and how to say words with a proper Philly accent. Maybe this will lead to the Mayor appearing on The Tonight Show for a rousing game of charades.



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