Calls Michael Ian Black A Personal Trainer

michael ian black personal trainer

After Donald Trump made some pretty controversial comments praising the style of Saddam Hussein, wrote a funny tweet pointing out to the combative candidate that Hussein is a Muslim because as you probably know, Trump’s big thing is that he isn’t a huge fan of Muslims.

It seems like someone over at was rushing through their write-up on this big vacation week and apparently is not a big comedy fan because they referred to Black by the occupation he put in his Twitter bio, which is Personal Trainer.

After the mistake picked up some steam on Twitter because comedy fans found it so utterly ridiculous and hilarious, it was finally changed to give Black his comedian credit.

Michael Ian Black has had a good time talking about Trump this election. He even released the book “A Child’s First Book of Trump” which is a satire of children’s books with Donald Trump being the focus.

You can catch Michael Ian Black on Netflix in last year’s Wet Hot American Summer prequel series, last night on The Nightly Show, as a panelist on Match Game, …Oh! And the crossfit class he teaches at Equinox every Tuesday and Thursday!

H/T The Daily Dot.

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