Patton Oswalt vs James Woods…and a Shoe at Last Night’s WGA Awards

80s actor James Woods took off ’s shoe and is tweeting up a storm about it.

Last night, as the host of the 2017 Writers Guild of America Awards, Patton Oswalt dodged explicitly naming political figures while still mocking the tense climate’s effect and historical consequences on Hollywood liberals (think back to McCarthyism and Hollywood blacklisting). Oswalt welcomed the crowd to “the last ever WGA Awards… every statuette comes with a month’s worth of firewood, some antibiotics and nine shotgun shells” and he shared that the WGAs were celebrating “this new era” with security from the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. True to the bit, two beefy, unsmiling “soldiers” guarded Oswalt for the rest of his monologue.

Oswalt had warned the WGA crowd that he “wasn’t getting any more sober tonight” and “these are the most consonants you’re gonna hear before the evening’s over”. Eventually, Oswalt loosened up and attributed his reason for avoiding too much Trump talk because he didn’t want “to be kicked to death by James Woods backstage… which would be an honor”. Woods interpreted being mentioned as reason enough to rush the stage, remove host Patton Oswalt’s shoe and present it to the crowd until finally giving it back. Woods stood up to yell, “by the way, I lost half my Twitter following today coming here”. Oswalt took pity, saying “oh, wow, all those egg avatars… Gone. That’s terrible”.

What passes for acceptable ways to disagree is getting more and more hazy these days, so maybe we could aim to have the grace of Patton Oswalt.

The to-do wasn’t really over until Oswalt made Woods laugh again, but Woods tweeted all night about it.

Oswalt reciprocated Woods’ amazement at the moment, but was decidedly more engaged by right-winger Milo Yiannopoulos’ disastrous, bizarre defense of pedophilia and retweeted mockery of that late into the night.

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