Patton Oswalt Teaming Up with Chicago’s Ian Abramson to Create Modern Vaudville

Last year, Los Angeles-by-way-of-Chicago comedian Ian Abramson made waves with his bizarrely refreshing new stand-up show, 7 Minutes in Purgatory, and drew attention for his highly original alt-comedy projects. Purgatory has been a festival favorite and recently was picked up by Comedy Central, and its trademark Abramson; that is to say, weird, uncomfortable, and absolutely hilarious. Now, Abramson is set to launch his next big project.

Called Modern Vaudeville, this new show aims to capture the whimsical nature of classic Vaudevillian shows, which were wide-ranging acts that featured everything from dance numbers and fire swallowing to trained elephant routines. Part stand-up comedy, part performance art, Abramson is hoping to craft not only a show, but a spectacle, and from the looks of things, he’s going to do just that. Modern Vaudeville promises to supplement the stretches of stand-up on the show with UFO experts, high-flying skateboarders, and dramatic monologues from lesser-known actors. Abramson won’t be the only comic on stage, either; Abramson’s concept shows have attracted the attention of some big time talent, and for three of the four shows, will be a resident guest. Also taking to the stage will be some of our favorite up and coming and veteran comedians like Beth Stelling, Rory Scovel, Chris Redd and Dana Gould, among others.

Modern Vaudeville will be a month-long event, with a show taking place each Tuesday (8 p.m.) at the Lyric Hyperion Theatre in Los Angeles. The first show is happening on March 7th, and the last will be on March 28th. You can buy tickets for any of the four dates by following this link; Tickets are $5 if bought online, and $10 at the door. Be sure to jump on this. Ian Abramson is a talent you will be hearing from again and again.

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  1. MarketyMarketingson

    February 25, 2017 at 9:48 am

    Should’ve called it Maudville.