Patton Oswalt Stunned to Hear What Tom Hanks Thinks of Him on the Tonight Show

Recent Grammy Award winner (who won for best Comedy Album, “Talking for Clapping“) visited the Tonight Show to talk to about the many projects he’s currently involved with. Like earlier guest , Patton was freaked out by the “Showbotics” robot segment on the Tonight Show that same night. He was especially unnerved by Sophia, the female companion robot, who Patton described as having “those dead eyes with that smile.”

Robots was an easy segue into the first of Patton Oswalt’s current projects he wanted to talk about, the reboot of Mystery Science Theater 3000 on Netflix. Patton plays “TV’s Son of TV’s Frank”, the offspring of long time MST3K character, TV’s Frank played by Frank Conniff. Patton said he can already hear the judgment in his head of true fans of the original show comparing his work to Conniff’s. Although, that true fan he’s talking about is his own 22 year old self who he thinks would be criticizing his performance.

Patton Oswalt also has a major film coming out this weekend, the futuristic action drama, The Circle starring Tom Hanks and Emma Watson of Harry Potter fame. He said one of the great things about the movie is that it features Hanks in the very rare role of a sinister villain this time. He joked about having to refer to Hanks as “Two time Academy Award winner” on the set. He had great things to say about his co-star and then Jimmy Fallon read a quote from Tom Hanks about Patton Oswalt, which had the comedian stunned. Watch the clip below courtesy of the Tonight Show’s YouTube, to see what Tom Hanks had to say about Patton that left him practically speechless and thinking that Tom Hanks had to be drunk at the time that he said it.

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return – Season One starring Patton Oswalt, Jonah Ray, Felicia Day and Baron Vaughn is available for streaming now on Netflix.

Patton Oswalt also stars in The Circle with Tom Hanks, Emma Watson and in his final film appearance, Bill Paxton. It opens in theaters nationwide this Friday, April 28th.

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