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This past Sunday NY5thGEN took part in a Hurricane Sandy relief convoy to donate items and muscle to the devastated neighborhood of Breezy Point, Queens.  I am attaching some photos of our efforts, and I encourage you folks to pass them along, in hopes to raise awareness, and funds for the ongoing relief effort in Queens, New York.
Three years ago, New York 5th Gen started as a 5th generation Camaro club, with its roots tied to the tri-state area. Since then we have grown to more than 1000 members in the tri-state area and far beyond. I say this because, this organization has turned into so much more than a car club. It has evolved into a family, connected by the cars we drive, but focused on so much more than that.
This Sunday, November 11th, we will be having our second relief convoy to Breezy Point. I ask if you could forward any monetary donations to the Red Cross, or tangible donations can be made directly to Curry Chevrolet, care of TJ Ujazdowski.
This is a trying time for New York, but I say with great pride, that, we will not quit, and we will not falter. New York City can’t be knocked out of the fight, we will ALWAYS get up for the next round.

God Bless,
TJ Ujazdowski
Marketing Officer

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