Nick Kroll Confesses To Possibly Poisoning Chris Pratt on the Tonight Show

Nick Kroll, who has so much going on in his professional life right now, took time to squeeze in a Tonight Show appearance on Wednesday. Currently, Kroll has two movies in theaters, the drama, Loving, and the animated musical which is now open nationwide, Sing. He’s also still going strong on Broadway with John Mulaney as the two star as Gil Faizon and George St. Geegland, in Oh, Hello. Besides promoting the Broadway hit, Nick Kroll also wanted to confess something about a particular Oh, Hello performance.

During performances, Kroll and Mulaney will bring a celebrity from the audience on stage to prank while in character as Faizon and St. Geegland. The guest is surprised with an enormous sandwich from their very well-known by now prank, “Too Much Tuna”. Kroll told that no guest celebrity had attempted to eat the mile-high tuna sandwich on stage. Until Chris Pratt, who ate 3 giant mounds of tuna which Kroll said had been sitting out in the rafters of the Lyceum Theatre in New York all day. His biggest fear isn’t so much that they gave Chris Pratt food poisoning, but if he is sick, “Who’s going to fight the dinosaurs?”

Nick Kroll also talked about appearing in what’s sure to be the animated smash hit of the holiday season, Sing. He voices Gunther, a German pig. And with Kroll growing up Jewish, you can see how there wouldn’t be too many conflicts with the role. Watch the clips below to see Nick Kroll talk about all this and insist on playing a Tonight Show game with Jimmy Fallon. Even if those games are just emotional ones.

Nick Kroll and John Mulaney star on Broadway in Oh, Hello which has extended its run till January 22nd only. Get tickets at and see Sing starring Nick Kroll in theaters everywhere now.

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