UP NEXT….Matteo Lane. A Look Through the Lense of New York Comedy

Comedian Matteo Lane at Ribalto for The Interrobang. Copyright Phil Provencio

All Photos Copyright Phil Provencio

Matteo Lane Photo Essay

Earlier this month, photographer Phil Provencio captured these images of comedian Matteo Lane, off stage at his favorite place in New York to get pizza.  Matteo Lane is one of our favorite young comics on the rise. He’s a local now, by way of the Chicago scene, and he’s already got great credits. He’s been on MTV’s Guy Code, he’s one of the stars of MTV2’s Joking Off, he was a 2014 finalist at Caroline’s prestigious New York’s Funniest competition, he’s a regular guest on SiriusXM’s Bennington Show, and killed at the Goddamn Comedy Jam in New York City at the NY Comedy Festival.  Not only is he outrageously funny, he can also belt out a tune, illustrate, paint, and he can rock a tank top. He’s insanely talented, he’s single and looking, and we love him.

We took Matteo out to his favorite spot in New York for Italian for a photo essay.

Comedian Matteo Lane at Ribalto Eating Pizza for The Interrobang. Copyright Phil Provencio

matteo lane photo essay pizza

Where: Ribalta Pizza
(Noho, Union square park area…)

When: 4/3/16, Noon

Why: Matteo’s favorite pizzeria & pasta in the whole city.

Details: Met up with Matteo for lunch…he was on his way to do ’s Show right after…

Comedian Matteo Lane at in NYC for The Interrobang. Copyright Phil Provencio

From Matteo on the reasons he loves Italy and is proud being Italian:
“I love Italy because they love life in a different way. Cooking isn’t just to fuel you for your day, it’s there because it’s one of the great pleasures of life and a symbol of tradition and family. Opera is from Italy and you can still hear cab drivers singing ‘o sole Mio’ and no one bats an eye. I lived there for 5 months in a painting school, in a town of 70 people. My room was in an old convent, and I had a sink that ran no water. I go back and visit family and when I’m older I want to live/paint and sing there “

Little known fact:
Matteo lived in Sicily and studied painting in “Montecastello di Vibio” (not sure if thats a town or school…) which helped him develop his talent as a artist as well.

Comedian Matteo Lane for The Interrobang. Copyright Phil Provencio

Upcoming for Matteo: He says look for him to be making his late night debut VERY soon (he wouldn’t spill who, didn’t want to jinx it). He has a show at UCB East every Tuesday at 11pm “Chemistry” and will be doing @midnight for the first time in June.

Follow Matteo on Twitter @MatteoLane and on Facebook and don’t forget Instagram.

Comedian Matteo Lane Photo Essay for The Interrobang. Copyright Phil Provencio

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