New Trailer for GLOW Starring Alison Brie and Marc Maron Looks Like Fun

The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling are back, at least in the form of a new Netflix comedy series which debuts June 23.

GLOW, starring Alison Brie and , is based on the campy women’s wrestling/variety show that aired from 1986 through 1990 and featured such characters as Mount Fiji, Matilda The Hun, Little Egypt, and multiple Farmer’s Daughters. GLOW combined the showmanship of the “rock-and-wrestling” era World Wrestling Federation with a heavy dose of sex appeal, wrapped up in a hokey, Hee Haw brand of comedy, and it became a syndicated sensation. Check out the GLOW opening rap:

Though the original GLOW lasted just four seasons, the GLOW alumni were honored by the pro wrestling fraternal organization the Cauliflower Alley Club earlier this month. Several of the original GLOW girls also participate in occasional AfterGLOW fan reunions and cruises.

Based on the newly released trailer below, Netflix’s GLOW will bring back the neon colored one-piece bathing suits and big hair that were hallmarks of the original series, but with a 21st century sensibility. Brie plays a hungry actress looking for “real parts” in a Hollywood virtually devoid of roles for empowered women. Maron plays the coke-fueled director tasked with making a women’s wrestling show a reality and teaching group of actresses how to become professional wrestlers in time for shooting.

GLOW is created by Liz Flahive (Homeland, Nurse Jackie) and Carly Mensch (Nurse Jackie, Orange Is The New Black, Weeds). Orange Is the New Black creator Jenji Kohan and Tara Herrmann will be executive producers alongside Flahive and Mensch who are serving as showrunners.

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Dan Murphy is a freelance writer in Buffalo. Pre-order his new book documenting the rise of women’s wrestling from sideshow to WWE main event on, "Sisterhood of the Squared Circle: The History and Rise of Women’s Wrestling"