New Comedy Gameshow to Feature Louie Anderson, Maria Bamford and More

Here’s a vague but potentially interesting lead for a new show: Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios announced this week that they are producing a new comedy game show called Funny You Should Ask. The show’s concept seems simple enough, appearing to basically be a game of True or False. Contestants will be faced with a panel of comedians who they will have to question. The comedians will start by making some kind of joke related to the question, and then give a serious (but potentially wrong) answer. It is then up to the contestant to determine if the comic is being truthful or not. Simple enough, right? Maybe a little reminiscent of Hollywood Squares?

The show will be hosted by former Fox Sports and EXTRA personality Jon Kelley, and will feature a constantly-rotating cast of comedians. Some of the comics featured in the show’s first few weeks will include Louie Anderson, Maria Bamford, Tom Arnold, Natasha Leggero, Bill Bellamy, Harland Williams, Jon Lovitz, Cedric the Entertainer, Anthony Anderson, Howie Mandel, Sheryl Underwood, Sherri Shepherd, Dave Coulier, Pauly Shore, Jackée, Caroline Rhea, Gary Owens and more.

The show is expected to debut in Fall 2017.



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Bill Tressler

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