Moshe Kasher Is Going to Solve Every Problem That’s Ever Existed

Comedy Central’s new talk show “Problematic with Moshe Kasher” promises to “solve every problem that has ever existed”. The talk show, a self-proclaimed “hyper modern take on the casual daytime talk format of the 1980s” wants to remedy the replacement of discourse and debate with memes and information bubbles. As the dispersion of political news and internet etiquette become more and more intertwined, the merging represents another way to capitalize on ideological disagreements and the fury of the internet.

While Comedy Central’s content definitely slants left, a show that plays devil’s advocate to both sides would be welcome and hopefully challenging. “Problematic” is obviously a culture-focused show, and the teaser reveals little else. A screen flashes pretty much every internet insult for conservatives or liberals and whatever other terms you can classify someone’s beliefs by. It’s like a younger, possibly more nuanced version of Netflix’s summer series “Chelsea Does…” in which comedian Chelsea Handler explores and “fixes” the major problems of our times: drugs, racism, etc.“Chelsea Does…” focused more on Handler’s conclusions from interviewing various sides, but “Problematic” has the opportunity to remain subjective and less host-as-persona driven. Kasher’s persona could very well take central stage since he’s long been involved with Comedy Central (“@midnight with Chris Hardwick”, “Another Period”, “Drunk History”), but it feels less likely.

Episodes begin airing Tuesday, April 18th at 10 PM ET/PT with episodes also streaming via the Comedy Central app and

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Rachel Crowe

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