Moontower Update: 7 Comedians Tell Us Who They’re Excited to See at the Moontower Comedy Festival

moontower comedians

Moontower Comedy Festival is not just a chance for fans to see their favorite stand up comedians, it’s also a chance for comedians to see their friends, and watch other comics they admire. Amy Hawthorne asked seven comedians, “Who are you most excited to see here – either personally or onstage?”

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Mike Lawrence Dana Gould

“Oh Dana Gould. I’m always excited to see him.”

2. :

joe zimmerman maria bamford

“I haven’t seen Maria Bamford in a year, so I’m really excited about that.”

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guy branum karen kilgariff ophira eisenberg

“I’m excited to get to have brunch with Karen Kilgariff. And Ophira Eisenberg – I love her on NPR, but I’ve never seen her do stand-up so that will be exciting.”

4. :

alingon mitra nate bargatze

“Oh, Nate Bargatze! And his special is premiering here so I can’t wait to actually get to see it.”

5. :

adam newman pepitone

“Pepitone. Always Pepitone.”

6. : Nate Bargatze, , , ,

byron bowers nate monroe jermaine wanda keith

“I’m more excited to be with people – Nate Bargatze, Monroe Martin, Jermaine Fowler. But I’m going to see Wandy Sykes and Keith Robinson and I’m excited about that!”

7. Monroe Martin: Wanda Sykes

monroe martin wanda sykes


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