Will T.J. Miller Host the Critics Choice Awards Tonight After Arrest?


The answer is yes.

T.J. Miller was stone silent about the arrest that has been splashed over every single media outlet this weekend until this afternoon when he released this tweet.

It wasn’t a big scandalous arrest, Miller didn’t beat the shit out of anyone. He is accused of slapping his Uber driver after a Trump-related argument. The arrest may have been small but the headlines have been huge and varied with everyone putting their own spin on the story: “HBO ‘Silicon Valley’ actor T.J. Miller arrested on suspicion of battery on driver in Hollywood Hills”, “T.J. Miller Had a Big Night Last Night, Which Included a Profusely Bleeding Ear and Getting Arrested”, “Jewish Comedian T.J. Miller Arrested in Altercation Over Trump with Uber Driver”, and even “Anti Trump Comedian and Douchebag is Arrested After Slapping Uber Driver Over Trump.”

The massive headlines combined with Miller’s post-arrest silence has led some to speculate whether he will still host the Critics Choice Awards tonight.

Last night the BFCA and Broadcast Television Journalists Association answered that question. According to L.A. Times, the BFCA said “We can’t wait to see what he does tomorrow on our show.” This comes as no surprise, after all Miller was chosen to host the awards in the first place because the show’s producers were looking for some controversy and excitement. They initially brought Miller on board after his 2015 unusual acceptance speech for Big Hero 6 caught the attention of the show’s producers.

T.J. Miller was at one time best known as Silicon Valley’s madman incubator Erlich Bachman, but now in addition to that he has his role as Weasel in the blockbuster smash hit Deadpool to lean up against for notoriety. Others, particularly younger others, know him from his roles in Big Hero 6, Yogi Bear, and Transformers to name a few, plus his latest, out this weekend, Office Christmas Party.

Tonight, he’ll be hosting the 22st Annual Critic’s Choice Awards which will air on A&E, because rather than shy from controversy, they’ve embraced it, at least so far. Miller is loud and weird, creatively brilliant, and he’s a risk taker. Combine that with being one of the funniest people walking the earth and you’ve got a really interesting choice to breathe life into an awards show. Last year, we predicted Miller would be the rock and roll wildman that every awards show was looking for and he came through. He easily outshined every single other allegedly dangerous and unpredictable award show host.

The Broadcast Film Critics Association was so happy with his performance in January, that they didn’t even want to wait another year to have the chance for Miller to host again, so they moved the ceremony up from January to December, positioning them as the lead off awards show to the season rather than come in in at the tail end.

Last year, Miller and his comedy writing team that includes long time friend Nick Vatterott created a hysterical opening sequence show Miller attempting to get ready for the show, his monologue was unorthodox to say the least- (is it still a monologue if you brought along four ‘friends’?)- and he had what may be the first ever awards show hosting sidekick- William Shatner. There were costumes, schtick galore and free gowns shot out of a gown cannon. You can see clips and read more about last year’s awards here.

Earlier this year EVP of Programming for A&E Elaine Frontain Bryant, said, “T.J.’s tremendous presence and comedic humor complement our mission to make this show bigger and better year after year. We are honored to have him return as we lead the way into award season celebrating the best of television and film.”

The ceremony will air on the A&E network at 8pm tonight and we predict you won’t want to miss a moment.

Watch T.J.’s promos for tonight’s award show below.

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