Mike Bocchetti Dissects the Artie Lange Podcast

mike bocchetti artie lange podcast

is a man with many talents that has worn many hats in a business where if you don’t you will be long forgotten.

From his time on the Howard stern show, writing two New York Times best selling books “Too Fat To Fish” and “Crash and Burn,” his own movie “Beer League”, and Comedy Central specials he has done it all. Even when he was having hard times in his life he still came back on top. His last project, the Artie Lange show was on Direct TV for 2 years.

Artie has entered a new domain now– the world of podcasting. Although still in its infancy compared to TV and radio, podcasting is very popular with the likes of Adam Corolla and and a lot of people in between. I think Artie Lange Uncensored has hit written all over it. With his years of talent and experience, and millions of his fans– it’s Artie at his candid best.

Another driving force to the show is his producer– the great , a veteran producer and great talent. Dan worked for the legendary Steve Dahl in Chicago and because of his ability as a producer and all around good guy, Dan has befriended the likes of Harry Eater and just to name a few. Dan is a guy you want on board any successfull show and he proved that on the Artie Lange Show. Besides Dan, another comedy gem is the great . Who is not only a great on air personality, but a brilliant board operator who created many comic moments on the Artie Lange show on DirectTv.

Rounding out the cast are veteran comic from America’s Got Talent, Letterman and his own podcast, Fixing Joe is the great . Joe is a great part of the show. He is quick, great to listen to, has great stories and brings a lot to the comedy table. And rounding out the show is Philly’s own . Chris is a very funny, witty, fun and super likeable guy who always brings the house down. In the world of podcasts these guys are kings.

Go to artiequitter.com to subscribe. Artie’s podcast airs Monday through Thursday. Get it now- the Best of Artie Lange raw and uncensored.

is a comedian and writer living in New York City. Follow him on Twitter @MikeBocchetti

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Comedian Mike Bocchetti started performing comedy in 1992. In 2012 he became the announcer for the Nick and Artie Show on DirectTV, and stayed on as the announcer for The Artie Lange Show until April 2014. He’s also made appearances on the Howard Stern Show, the Jim Breuer Show and The Opie and Anthony Show on SiriusXM. He appeared on 2 seasons of NBC’sLast Comic Standing and acted with Robert DeNiro in the feature film “The Family”. Follow Mike on twitter @MikeBocchetti and visit his website mikebocchetti.com.

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    March 1, 2015 at 8:44 pm

    an artie fan  for as long as I can remember.Happy he is starting a new venture and am sure he will be great.
    Wish I could see  it but I’m 84 and live on my SSI check.
    Anyhow good luck to a truly great entertainer.