Michael Showalters American Viral! Watch Episode 1

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Premiering tomorrow on the new comedy platform,  is Michael Showalters American Viral.  The new web series from follows Roger Busk a dad whose family experienced 15 minutes of fame after their video of their son getting hit in the crotch went viral. Ever since “My Balls, My Balls” went viral, Roger thrives on view counts, and like a junkie, he’s always obsessed with finding the next viral hit to skyrocket the Busk family into greater popularity.

Everyone can think of someone in their life who got a bit more attention than they were used to and tried unsuccessfully to recreate the event. It’s a case of Schadenfreude at it’s best, and anyone who’s seen his past work will know that Showalter’s talent isn’t to be underestimated. I’m eager to see where the series goes, and hopefully we’ll be seeing American Viral turn into a viral hit of its own.

The series will be launching simultaneously with the new website Thundershorts.com, which will premier seven new short series including “American Viral” as well as ’s “Teachers Lounge” and projects from comedian . Thundershorts will also be launching a YouTube platform as well as an app.

Comedian, actor, writer, and director Michael Showalter is a member of comedy troupes , and and co-wrote and starred in the cult his Wet Hot American Summer. He also co-wrote the movie They Came Together with . They Came Together opens this Friday, June 27.

Check out the first episode of Michael Showalters American Viral below (via Buzzfeed.com)

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