Melissa McCarthy Wins USA Today Ad Meter

is on a hot streak. First she won SNL on Saturday Night with her Sean Spicer sketch that was deemed an instant classic by pretty much everyone, and now her Kia Super Bowl commercial topped out the USA Today Ad Meter leading off the five best commercials according to USA Today. Comedians starred in the #2 ad as well. That spot went to Honda’s talking yearbook photos ad, which starred , Steve Carell, and other major celebs like Amy Adams, Missy Elliott, Viola Davis, Robert Redford, Magic Johnson and more. Rounding out the top 4 were Audi “Daughter, Budweiser “Born the Hard Way”, and Terry Bradshaw’s shirt stain ad for Tide.

1. Kia’s Melissa McCarthy Ad
2. Honda’s Talking Celebrity Yearbook Ad
3. Audi: Daughter
4. Budweiser: Born the Hard Way
5. Tide: Terry Bradwshaw’s Stain

Interestingly enough, McCarthy’s Kia ad did not come in first in USA Today’s ranking of the top 6 funniest ads. It came in second and was beat by Bud Light’s “Ghost Spuds”. NFL Super Bowl Babies was ranked the third funniest ad of the Super Bowl, Skittles “Romance”, Squarespace “Calling”, and Bai “Jentleman” rounded out the top 6.

A few of the Five worst ads also had comedians. Rob Riggle’s KFC Colonel Vs. Colonel made it to the bottom five, but it wasn’t the worst rated ad. It was beat by Wargaming “Teensy House Buyers”, Top Games US: “The Battle of Evony”, Machine Zone “Mobile Strike”, and at the very bottom of the ad meter, Wargaming “Real Awful Moms”.


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