Mark Debonis, Part Comedian Part Brilliant Inventor Releases New Album

mark debonis inventions

There comes a time in every man’s life when he must make a difficult decision. When he reaches a crossroad and needs to choose a path. For comedian Mark DeBonis, that time is now.

DeBonis just released a new EP, Mind Pockets and while it’s hilarious and showcases why he’s one of the top comics to come out of the Toronto Comedy scene, recent events have suggested that real success may lie elsewhere for the award-winning comedian.

In 2011 DeBonis competed in the Great Canadian Laugh Off. During the final round he broke down some ideas he had for inventions. The set killed and he won the competition and the $25,000 grand prize that came with it. Although his comedy and delivery helped win him the grand prize, the real value may be in the potential products he discussed.

One of the inventions DeBonis presented during the Laugh Off was an idea for a Bluetooth glove. It seems ridiculous and worthy of the laughs it received from the audience; however, two years later, Sean Miles of Designworks released his prototype for the product.

In July of 2014 DeBonis posted one of his latest ideas to Facebook, a USB Belt Charger. Earlier this summer, Joe’s Jeans released Hello Jeans, a pair of pants that charges your phone in your pocket. To be fair the ideas aren’t identical like the Bluetooth glove, but they are similar enough to suggest that DeBonis should seriously consider leaving comedy to focus more on his God-given talent of inventing.

Further evidence to support the career change is some of the other products DeBonis has developed:

The A.T.M.U



Bean Me Up

bean bag


Nike Flushes



Bachelor Rotary Sleeping Bag



The ideas speak for themselves. Whether DeBonis chooses to continue working as a stand up comedian or takes the more lucrative path as an inventor, there is little doubt he will be successful.

Mind Pockets is available now on iTunes and Amazon

Potential investors can contact and send credentials via DeBonis’ website,

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