The Lucas Bros Perform Stand Up on the Tonight Show

Dressed almost identically, one of the premiere pairs of identical twins in comedy, the Lucas Brothers returned to the Tonight Show stage to perform stand up on Thursday. Kenny and Keith Lucas were back with to promote their brand new hour special, The Lucas Brothers: On Drugs currently available on Netflix.

One of the subtle differences in the Lucas Brothers’ wardrobe was that Kenny and Keith were wearing different Presidential campaign buttons with one wearing a “Barry Goldwater” badge and the other wearing a campaign button featuring President Richard Nixon and his VP Spiro Agnew. If you want to know more about the twins’ fascination with President Nixon, check out our interview with the Lucas Brothers about their new special.

Keith and Kenny explained to the Tonight Show audience that (other than their new special), they have been out of work and are trying to find ways to past the time during the day. One way is watching Deion Sanders Hip Hop videos. You might be thinking that this is a complete waste of time, but the Lucas Brothers picked up an important lesson from watching “Neon Deion”. You can watch Kenny and Keith explain this in their set below from the Tonight Show YouTube channel.

The Lucas Brothers don’t really have anything against working, it’s just that they have a problem with the worst part of work, “co-workers”. There’s one specific complaint from people in the workplace that the twins just don’t get, no matter how hard they try to understand it.

Keith and Kenny used their brilliant low key delivery during their Tonight Show set and were actually polite enough to say “thank you” to the audience after receiving a mid-set applause break. The guys also talked about sports including how hardcore Boston sports fans are, including the Boston homeless, and the strategy they learned from Golden State’s Steph Curry and his contract negotiations and how they use that when creditors call.

Keith and Kenny’s new special, The Lucas Brothers: On Drugs is currently available for streaming now on Netflix.

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