The Lucas Bros Explain How to Stop Police Brutality in Trailer for New Netflix Special

The solution: “You just gotta give every black dude a 2-5 minute cameo in a movie with and Channing Tatum.”

Keith and , a.k.a. the , are a NYC-based comedy duo who have been making a name for themselves both on TV and online for the past few years. They were featured players on truTV’s sketch show Friends of the People, hosted their own Comedy Central digital talk show called The Super Late Morning Show, and were the stars of Fox (and then FXX’s) animated comedy Lucas Bros. Moving Co. They’ve acquired a significant following as a result, and recently it’s been paying off. The brothers made their late night debut with a joint stand-up set on The Tonight Show starring last year, and now they’ve landed another big gig: A special on Netflix.

Netflix has just released a trailer for the brothers’ first special, called Lucas Bros: On Drugs, and it looks pretty promising. The brothers, who perform as a package deal on stage, have a unique style and formula to their shows that makes watching one of their sets a fresh experience. The brothers, whose monotone delivery and NYC hobo-chic style belies their intelligence and wit, hilariously play off of each other while talking about a range of topics, from their history of drug use to their time in law school, experiences with the police and views on politics. Watching a Lucas Bros set is a unique experience, so this new special is definitely one to keep an eye out for.

Lucas Bros: On Drugs will premiere on Netflix on Tuesday, April 18th. Check out a trailer for the special below:

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Bill Tressler

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