Comedians React On Twitter to Louis C.K. News (Update)

We follow the biggest and funniest comedians in the world which gives us a front row seat to what comedians are thinking when news breaks. Today there is no bigger topic on Twitter than people reacting to the New York Times article about Louis C.K. Some made jokes, others just reacted with shock or a total lack of shock, but most of the comedians talking about Louis on Twitter were united in their anger, and disgust for the allegations formally released by the New York Times today, and support for the women who came forward and a movement by women to support women comedians in their careers and help them to become more visible.

After Friday’s news brought a confession and apology from the comedian, and severed relationships with management, his publicist, and FX Network, comedians continued to react.

Here is a look at what we’re seeing from the comedy world tonight.

Reactions to the New York Times Article

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  1. dese nutz

    November 10, 2017 at 9:40 am

    I just cant get on this bandwagon of maniacs trying to destroy this guys career. Comparing louis ck 10 years ago wacking his bag in front of girls who gave him permission to do so, comparing him to a hollywood big time executive rapist, this shits out of control. I hope Louis doesnt end up over because of this. I mean, for christ sake, they accepted his fkn apology

  2. Deez nuts

    November 13, 2017 at 3:50 pm

    Perfectly opportunistic for some of these comedy people to jump on the lynch louie campaign. It first aggravated me to see this when i thought the comedy world would be maybe a bit mournful at least. But now im glad you did this so i can always look back on this thread to remember which comedians to never support again. Its one thing to tell a joke or just voice your opinion, but some of these people ….maaaan, foul.

    He obvsly had a problem, and its not like he assaulted anyone or got them fired or blackballed. He admits it when that could lead him to jail time and the poaching of all his funds, and you people complain about the apology??!!! He didnt have to say shit and i wish he didnt. Im not saying what he did wasnt creepy but he didnt rape anyone. These girls should have took one for the team in thanks for all hes done for comedy. Ungratefull twits.
    First Patrice dies, now Louis been lynched. Sad fkn times for comedy