Louis C.K.’s ‘I Love You, Daddy’ Bought at Toronto International Film Festival

A few days back, Louis C.K. floated the idea that he’d like his new film, I Love You, Daddy, to see a theatrical release. As such, he announced that he was going to be shopping the film around to distributors after the film’s premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival this past Saturday. Well, as THR is reporting, the film premiered, generated a ton of buzz, and low and behold, was picked up by The Orchard for $5 million, tied for the highest-paying deal at the festival.

I Love You, Daddy tells the story of a well-off TV writer/producer (Louis C.K.) who is desperately trying to stop his 17 year old daughter (Chloë Grace Moretz) from hooking up with a notoriously-pervy 68 year old filmmaker played by…John Malkovich. Yeah. As one could imagine, the film, which also features players like Charlie Day, Helen Hunt, Pamela Adlon, Edie Falco, Rose Byrne and Ebonee Noel, has ruffled a few feathers with its subject matter, but that didn’t stop distributors from tripping over each other to secure the rights to the film.

One of C.K.’s stipulations for choosing a distributor was that he wanted someone willing to market the film in more unconventional ways, like he does with his own comedy career. He went with The Orchard, it seems, because they are willing to do just that.

“Louis C.K. is an innovative risk-taker, which has been evidenced by the way in which he distributed his past movies and TV shows,” said The Orchard’s executive VP of film and TV, Paul Davidson. “The Orchard shares his passion for taking chances and testing new disruptive models of engaging audiences in the distribution landscape — as partners we will break new ground together.”

“I really enjoyed meeting the team at The Orchard and found their approach to releasing the movie to be thoughtful and creative,” said C.K. of the move. “I’m excited that we are bringing the movie to theaters and beyond together.”

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Bill Tressler

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