Lewis Black Delivered Your Rants with Celebrity Guests at Taping Saturday Night for Audible Channels

Saturday night at the Five Angels Theater in New York City, invited guests were treated to a taping and party for ’s newest project, an audio comedy series, Lewis Black: The Rant is Due. It was a star studded event, and so much fun with giveaways, drinks and a great show.

The series involves Lewis doing what he does best- performing rants- in this case written by other people and sent to him. And that’s the twist- it’s the audience sending Black the rants about what’s pissing them off. So if you’ve ever had a beef, and wished you could rant like Lewis, but you sound more like a miffed Care Bear, this series is for you.

Special guests at Saturday’s event included acting legend Edie Falco, Michael Potts (yes, that’s Brother Mouzone), and a surprisingly very funny Connie Chung who looked fantastic in leather leggings (she’s 70!). The guests participated in sections of a long rant covering the subject of television commercials; about how repetitive they are, how it’s impossible to not see commercials even on demand and streaming, and how they are all “ask your doctor if X medicine could work for you” and all that, and everyone was great.

Some of the tirades were better than others, but even the bad rants were still funny filtered through Lewis’ voice and style.  But the best diatribe of the night was about a very narrow subject- pickles. Why there are always pickles served with everything, and who is behind this pickle-pushing, is there some sort of major Big Pickle corporation, is there a pickle pushing Illuminati, etc.  I’ll leave it at that because you’ll want to enjoy all of the tirades from Black and his guests when the episodes air on Audible Channels, but the evening was a great time. Everyone in attendance even got goody bags with portable chargers, and a phone holder and a few other fun things. What a blast!

The series launched on Audible on the 20th already and you can find the first nine five-minute episodes available at Audible.com/LewisBlack.

Audible Channels is free with an Audible membership and to Amazon Prime members, and also available to purchase as a standalone offering for $4.95 a month.

Watch a trailer for Lewis Black: The Rant is Due, below.

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