Lauren Lapkus Shares Australian Animal Selfies on Conan

Monday night on , Crashing co-star Lauren Lapkus admitted she burst into tears when she got to hold a baby Koala bear during a Comedy Bang! Bang! trip to Australia. Her animal sanctuary photos show off a wide range of emotions- wait till you see the ostrich photo.

She also shared a story about sharing a workout mat with Prince Harry while working in London which, she said inspired her to do crunches a lot longer than originally planned.  She knew someone famous was on the mat with her because she saw that her trainer was in a suit.

Lapkus was in London shooting Holmes and Watson, a comedic take on the Sherlock Holmes stories with , John C. Reilly, Ralph Fiennes and Hugh Laurie. She said that it was great working with Ferrell, who was so nice to her, that she thought he was kidding most of the time. She also got to bring her parents to a party at John C. Reilly’s house in London, which as you might expect, led to some awkwardness. “I was a little nervous about it, just wondering how it would go,” she said, but her mom assured her that she was not afraid of meeting celebrities and that she would be normal. When her mom got to the party and sat down next to Ferrell, she burst out yelling “Lauren can’t swim.”

Conan shared his own party story, that involved his mom meeting Jim Carrey after three super smash movies, and telling him to hang in there, he’ll make it if he just sticks with it.


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