Latino Comedy Studio Más Mejor Celebrates a Strong First Year With Fred Armisen

After a year scoring roles in top-tier comedies, Latino comedy studio Más Mejor celebrated its one year anniversary with a stand-up showcase. Specialty cocktails highlighting the organization’s talent peppered an amazing line-up starting with Más Mejor co-founder ’s impressions for a sold-out audience. The show also included Francisco Ramos (Lady Dynamite, ), Frankie Quinones (TimeOut LA’s 2017 Comedians to Watch), Chris Garcia (Eric Andre Show; This American Life), Marcella Arguello (@midnight; TimeOut LA’s 2017 Comedians to Watch) and Jesus Trejo (Adam DeVine’s House Party).

Más Mejor has a lot to celebrate. The list of their freshman year’s highlights is eighteen points long with moments like Más Mejor Gina Brillon and Chris Garcia landing CBS and Fox pilots, respectively, and Más Mejor’s Julio Torres joining “SNL” as a writer. Más Mejor expanded into men’s fashion with the Cholo Fit line, inspired by a viral video surpassing 10MM views and the video series “Men’s Fashion Week ft. Fred Armisen” with “SNL” director Oz Rodriguez. Not only that, but figures like Lin-Manuel Miranda got involved to promote Más Mejor’s work to an even more enormous audience.

Más Mejor got so much done in their first year alone; whatever goals they’ve got for this coming year must be amazing.

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Rachel Crowe

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