Comedian Aida Rodriguez Says She Was Asked To ‘Audition’ To Be A Latina Trump Supporter

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During an appearance on The Young Turks, comedian Aida Rodriguez said that she’d been tapped for what appeared to be a Donald Trump campaign ad. You may remember Aida as a top ten finalist on season eight of . Speaking with TYT host Cenk Uygur, Rodriguez said that she had been forwarded a link to an ad on a casting services website that was calling for what Rodriguez referred to as “a Latina Stacey Dash.”

The ad was posted back in March, and calls for “someone who is comfortable playing a Mexican Trump supporter” that can “speak perfect English, but have a slight Hispanic accent.” Rodriguez said she believes that the ad is an attempt to counter Trump’s controversial statements that he made during the announcement of his presidential bid last year, when he referred to Mexican immigrants as “rapists” and “criminals.” As Rodriguez puts it, “he was looking for [the support of] a Latina Stacey Dash,” referring to African American actress Stacey Dash’s endorsement of Trump earlier this year.

While Trump’s campaign has tried to simulate diversity in the past, it’s not clear if this particular ploy is actually coming from the Trump camp. None of the advertisement’s copy indicates that it is officially connected to Trump, and the language used (“you will be playing an ex executive assistant for Trump”) seems to imply that the ad would be anti-Trump rather than pro-Trump. Donald Trump’s campaign has not commented on the ad, so unless some footage surfaces in the future, this one may forever remain a mystery.

Rodriguez and Uygur cover a variety of topics in the full interview, including her experiences with racism, how she handles hecklers and Trump supporters at her shows, and the television show that she’s currently developing. Check it out:

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