Larry David Explains Why They Call it ‘Coming’ on The Tonight Show

Last night was a rough night for . He had in the guest chair, and Larry wasn’t going to make this easy on Jimmy.  He busted Fallon’s chops a few times and he also told this great story about why dogs don’t like him.   He also says he’s jealous of dogs because of the way they eat, scarfing food up out of the bowl, and watching this clip, you get the idea that his strange eating habits may be one of the reason’s he’s single.  

He also talks about his dating habits. Apparently his friends hate the women he dates, which leads him to tell Fallon why they call it “coming”.

Larry was on the Tonight Show promoting his new Broadway show “Fish in the Dark” that opens in March 2015, which he undertook after his friend Lloyd Braun’s father died. And Jimmy. Do your research. Or you’re going to get scolded by Larry David, every time.


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