Kate Berlant and John Early Perform on the Tonight Show

Friday night John Early and Kate Berlant brought their wonderfully one of a kind, throwback brand of stand up to the Tonight Show.  Reminiscent of a vaudeville comedy duo with personalities only found in 2017 New York City, John and Kate are absolutely wonderful. Watch their Tonight Show set in which Kate and John prepare to perform, but become so overwhelmed by the enormity of the night, that they just can’t seem to get started.

This is their Tonight Show debut, which we saw them run the night before at The Stand Comedy Club.

Watch the clip below, and then go to vimeo.com to see their new collaborative series, 555.  You can also watch both of their episodes of the sketch spotlight series, The Characters on Netflix, and if you haven’t watched TBS’ Search Party yet, get on that ASAP. Binging at its best!

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