Julio Torres Performs Stand Up on Late Night

is someone you might not know yet…but once he gets on your radar, you will never forget him. He’s incredibly talented, creative and original in so many different directions, and you don’t have to take our word for it. NBC hired him this year to be a full time writer for and the ratings this year are the best the show has seen in years. He’s written some very memorable sketches and shorts, like “Melania’s Moments” and the ad parody “Wells for Boys.” He’s also an amazing stage comedian and Tuesday night Seth Meyer’s Late Night audience got to see that first hand.

We just love Julio, who is originally from El Salvador and now lives in Brooklyn- not just Brooklyn general, but in a particular subset of Brooklyn. He’s a vegan. He’s the space prince. He’s a frequent collaborator with another giant rising talent- Jo Firestone- and he is someone the comedy industry is paying attention to.

Watch his set from Late Night last night and make sure you’re keeping an eye on him on Twitter @Juliothesquare.

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