John Oliver Doesn’t Like Following Robots on the Tonight Show

The great comedian W.C. Fields is credited with saying “Never work with children or animals.” If W.C. had lived long enough, he might have included robots as well in that rule. Tuesday on the Tonight Show, took the guest chair after the “Showbotics” segment host did with actual robots which was (and this is weird to say about a Tonight Show segment…) fascinating. However, Oliver found the robots to be absolutely “creepy”. As soon as he sat down, he told Fallon, “I know you think they were fun, but that’s how we die.” He added, “Fun segment, but that is death.”

Jimmy Fallon tried to turn the subject matter to something lighter than a robot ruled apocalyptic future and asked John Oliver about his baby who is 18 months old and obviously not talking yet. That’s when the topic turned gloomy again, when John Oliver feared that when his son does start talking, it will be without his British accent and he will sound American. “No offense”. Oliver said that it’s just now hitting him that he’s produced a son that will sound nothing like him, unless he does an “Eliza Doolittle” intervention and go full Pygmalion on him. John Oliver who has his green card and lives and works in New York City finds his accent gives him the most trouble when dealing with any automated voice command machines which don’t understand a British accent causing him to often speak like “a sedated John Wayne.”

John and Jimmy also discussed how during one of John’s last visits to the Tonight Show, he and Fallon played “True Confessions” where John Oliver confessed to being thrown out of Japanese sauna when he was 19 while visiting Tokyo. Watch the clip below to find out the hilarious backstory to that confession, plus, how John Oliver arranged his famous interview with the Dalai Lama and his nervousness meeting the holy man. We’ve also included the Tonight Show “Showbotics” robot segment below as well so you can watch and see what John Oliver was calling certain death.

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