Joan Rivers Tweets, Twitter Promptly Freaks Out

On Christmas Day, a dearly beloved comedian sent out a tweet that had people filled with holiday cheer overcome with fear. The comedian was , and the fear was due to the fact that Rivers has been dead for two years.

On Christmas Day, a tweet was sent out from Joan Rivers’ Twitter account that simply read “Merry Christmas!” and pictured Rivers in front of a Christmas tree. This would have all been well and good if not for the fact that Rivers passed away due to complications from surgery back in 2014.

The denizens of Twitter started to freak out, wondering if Rivers had been resurrected via some sort of Christmas magic or dark spell a la Game of Thrones. In their panic, they apparently forgot how to use Twitter: one look at Rivers’ profile would show that someone (likely the comic’s daughter, Melissa) has been regularly tweeting from the account for the past couple of years. But alas, the internet cannot pass up an opportunity to use its favorite reaction images.

[H/T] Buzzfeed

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  1. SniperCat

    December 27, 2016 at 1:49 pm

    I hope Joans ok, she looks a little pale in that photo